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Ninth SXM Government since 2010

Philipsburg – An interim cabinet is sworn in today on St. Maarten. The ninth cabinet 10-10-10. A provisional government, because the island is going to the polls again on January 9 for a new parliament.

The cabinet is led by Silveria Jacobs and initially consists of five ministers instead of seven. The screening procedure for two candidates has not yet been completed.

Administrative Crisis in St Maarten: Stef Blok gets homework from the Chamber again. Latest from Holland

ADMINISTRATION CRISIS: St Maarten is not doing well, and that is mildly stated. Last week, on the Caribbean island, part of the Kingdom, the ninth governmentfell in ten years . After hurricane Irma, the Netherlands pledged half a billion in emergency aid, but only a tiny part has been spent. State Secretary Knops (Home Affairs and Kingdom

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