SILVERIA Jacob’s Government is made up of CON ARTISTS, GRIFTERS and LIARS.

Quite Frankly both Leona Marlin and Sarah Wescot Williams are more competent politicians and would have done a better job. Melissa Gumbs is more politically astute than Silveria. Even Melissa the novice, would have done a much better job. There is a reason why Knops hung up the phone on Silveria….he’s tired of her bullshit

Two Dutch Parliamentarians One Dirty Hooker

Prostitute Nardy Cramm Parliamentarians André Bosman and Ronald Van Raak

Terrance Rey

Terrance Rey

Soualiga Youth

An NGO website.

When In My Journeys

A Travel Diary

Eva Galli Lives

Eva Galli - Synchronicity - Carl Jung -David F. Peat