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UPDATE VIDEO: Breaking News From The Netherlands, Dutch PM Rutte Under Fire, Being Called A Liar. MAJORITY Of House Representatives Want Him GONE

The formation of a new government has degenerated into total chaos due to the blunder with a secret memo last week: Kajsa Ollongren (D66) and Annemarie Jorritsma (VVD) stepped up as scouts, yesterday they already shared some secret reports with parliament, this morning at the request of the House of Representatives, a further dozen pages were published, partly handwritten, by scouts and officials.

These notes show that Rutte was upset with a reluctant CDA. In Rutte’s conversation with the scouts, the prime minister states that he hopes the party will “recover”: “You probably need them. It gets very complicated without the CDA. More time may be needed. If Wopke has more votes than Omtzigt, that will help. ” Then follows the sentence: “You have to make something with Omtzigt: minister.”

Incidentally, this is stated in the typed text of the conversation with Rutte. It is slightly different in the handwritten original. It says “CDA: you have to do something with Omtzigt: minister”.

According to Rutte, he would “not attract” a cabinet with PvdA and GroenLinks. Why that left cloud? You don’t need them both for a majority next to the CDA.

Sint Maarten files a complaint with the UN about ‘racist Netherlands’: ‘This feels like slavery again’

Assisted by an American lawyer, the States of Sint Maarten have approached the UN Special Rapporteur on Racism, Discrimination and Xenophobia. In a petition, they ask the rapporteur, Tendayi Achiume, to investigate and to reprimand the Netherlands for racism and human rights violations.

After Hurricane Irma, Romeo moved from Sint Maarten to Dordrecht, where he was scouted and began to model

I felt at home in the Netherlands from day one. After the hurricane, Sint Maarten was destroyed and it no longer felt like my place. We had no water, no electricity and tourism was flat. I’d never seen Sint Maarten like that. We had prepared ourselves for a severe storm, because every year a hurricane rages across the country. But the government did not show that it was a very intense hurricane. On the day itself I just went to work. Fortunately my family did not suffer much damage, but it was a reason for me to come

Corruption in the Netherlands is a white man’s problem

Firstly, because white men are less likely to occupy corruption-sensitive positions. But also because of course there are also women and people with a migrant background who will be guilty of corruption when they have the opportunity.

You could therefore argue that it is also in the interests of white men and their image that the top of business, government and politics quickly

Amsterdam’s top athlete Madiea G. on trial in Kleef, Germany for drug smuggling. Fears long sentence

On 18 June, German customs found many kilos of hard drugs in the trunk of her car during a routine check at a border crossing at Elten in Germany. It concerned more than 13 kilos of crystal meth and 43 kilos of ecstasy with an estimated street value of 2 million euros. She also had a further 12,000 euros in cash. The smuggling of such quantities of hard drugs is subject to a prison sentence of between 2 and 15 years in Germany.

Dutch Cabinet recognizes 70 civilian deaths in Iraq air raid, House of Representatives were misinformed

The ministry is now disclosing the exact details of two attacks because, according to the ministry, they are the only two bombings in which the Netherlands itself has established that “certainly or very likely civilian casualties” were killed.

Where bombing would take place was determined at the international headquarters of the operation in Kuwait. At a second headquarters in Qatar, all available information was re-examined and finally given

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