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PHILIPSBURG– “A blind man could have seen this coming,” United Democrats (UD) Member of Parliament (MP) Sarah Wescot-Williams

PHILIPSBURG– “A blind man could have seen this coming,” United Democrats (UD) Member of Parliament (MP) Sarah Wescot-Williams said on Sunday in reaction to news that St. Maarten will not be receiving some NAf. 39 million in liquidity support until Parliament clarifies its position on the petition recently submitted to the United Nations (UN) and confirms approval for the Caribbean Entity for Reform and Development COHO.

Former Minister of VSA employment policy goes into effect Sint Maarten

The National Employment Service Center (NESC) plans to implement modified work procedures, in close collaboration with Section Employment Permits in 2021, based on the “Policy on the issuance of labor permits” of the former Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, published in the National Gazette on February 7th, 2020 on page 12 of issue number 05.


And most recently, the Dutch government has demanded that Sint Maarten (1) abandon a bridge loan from an international lender that would have avoided a default with a ten-year old Dutch government loan and (2) abandon recent efforts to finalize their decolonization from the Netherlands. And if Sint Maarten refuses these demands, the Dutch government will deny them the next tranche of a loan and will declare a default of the ten-year old loan—destroying the Sint Maarten economy and the island’s credit rating. Both of these demands are in violation not only of the Kingdom Charter, the constitutional organ of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but also of the international human rights of the citizens of Sint Maarten, including their right to a democratically elected, representative government and to self-determination. The Dutch government’s blatant attempts to use a global pandemic and economic collapse to reimpose colonial authority over its own, non-European citizens by forci

Is Coho Act in conflict with the Statute of the Kingdom or not?

Is Coho Act in conflict with the Statute of the Kingdom or not?
Is the draft governmental law for the establishment of the Caribbean body for reform and development contrary to the Statute of the Kingdom or not?

After studying the advice of the Council of State, many come to the conclusion that the far-reaching power that the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations allocates to the body and himself touches the heart of the autonomy of Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten. The creator of the bill, State Secretary Knops, is one of the few, if not the only one who thinks otherwise. This is evident from the letter he sent to the Lower House on Friday:

“I do not consider it pure in this letter to dwell in detail on the content of th

The Advisory Board (RvA) of Curaçao Judges Sides With Minister Knops Concerning COHO, Disagrees With MP Rolando Brison And Cohorts

The Advisory Board (RvA) of Curaçao Judges that the correct procedural path has been taken to arrive at the Kingdom Act on the Caribbean Body for Reform and Development (Coho). But, it is also judged: “Strictly speaking, the powers of the government and Parliament will also be limited in this amended proposal (with respect to the CHE, ed.).” This is evident from the recently made public judgment of the RvA of 21 December 2020. Although there has been little room for negotiation with the Netherlands, the RvA itself concludes, it appears from the amended bill of law (which was previously CHE) , but also from the way in which the Explanatory Memorandum (Explanatory

New Style! The Central Bank Of Curacao And St Maarten To Get ‘Penetrating’ Higher Supervision

That is the core of the change in supervision by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS). “Focused means that we have a quick overview of the most important problems and shortcomings in supervision and know which institution or institutions are affected, so that we can take targeted action before there is any damage,” said the explanation. By penetrating we mean that we intervene quickly and firmly and continue to push for improvements until they are actually realized. There is more: “Intrusive also means that the CBCS takes increasingly strict supervisory measures if the repair by the institution takes too long.” The Central Bank says it does this “in a consistent manner” with “extra attention to clear communication of our expectations” through consultation, practical guidance and policy statements. “This makes us more predictable in our actions and as a learning organization we are open to feedback.” This is stated in the brochure “New Style”


3/28, 2:07 PM] M.S.V.W: He say Andrew get arrested this morning
[3/28, 2:07 PM] M.S.V.W: He say police went and arrested him because he beat up probably his child mother
[3/28, 2:07 PM] M.S.V.W: When the police came….Andrew had a baseball bat in his hand and was behaving out of control
[3/28, 2:07 PM] M.S.V.W: He say that this is karma for Andrew because Andrew and his click came for him
[3/28, 2:07 PM] M.S.V.W: He say that Rolando is next
[3/28, 2:07 PM] M.S.V.W: One down
[3/28, 2:07 PM] M.S.V.W: And Rolando and An

Raymond Knops expected to offer an amended Coho proposal plus “further report” to the Lower House and the States of Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten before the summer recess.

The State Secretary indicates that this further report “and a Coho proposal amended on the basis thereof” requires approval from all four countries. “As soon as agreement has been reached on this in the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom, the further report, together with the legislative proposal that accompanies it, will be sent to the States of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten and the House of Representatives. The aim is to do this before the summer recess. ”
Once agreement has been reached on the further report, the parliamentary debate on the proposal will commence. In the run-up to this, Knops would like to point out “that the core of the legislative proposal remains intact” in the advice of the Council of State.
“The Council of State

English/Dutch OPINION: The Constitutional Conscience Of The Kingdom The Advice Of The Council Of State of COHO By prof.dr. Gerhard Hoogers

OPINION: The constitutional conscience of the Kingdom The advice of the Council of State of the Kingdom on the Kingdom Act on the Caribbean Body for Reform and Development By prof.dr. Gerhard Hoogers I am truly not the only one who observes with some regularity: never a dull moment in constitutional Kingdom law. And the past few days also provide a nice illustration of this. Some time ago, the State Secretary for Kingdom Relat


Now State Secretary Knops regrets the leakage and feels called upon to publish the draft Kingdom Act that was submitted to the Council of State as well. Now that the advice is quite negative, there will still be a lot of work to be done before a new proposal will eventually reach the House. A caretaker cabinet will not hurry, while the subject still requires determination. The defects indicated by the RvS will also be the product of haste. What is the case? Great haste is required to meet the acute liquidity problems of the three Caribbean countries of the Kingdom. But the money tap will only open – in phases – when a number of structural problems on the islands are addressed. And for this purpose a new governing body is being set up, the Coho. Th

Letter To Parliament About Leaked Advice From The Council Of State Of The Kingdom On The Bill Of The Caribbean Body For Reform And Development COHO PDF DOCUMENTS & ENGLISH TRANSLATION

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On 11 March last, the Advisory Division of the Council of State on the
Kingdom issued advice on the proposal for a Kingdom Act for the Caribbean Body
reform and development (COHO). Unfortunately I was advised, that less that two weeks later, it had been leaked to the Caribbean media.. This was obviously not the intention. Under the Council Act

Holland Punishes St Maarten As She Rewards Aruba €100 MILLION Euros. Latest From The Netherlands. Tacit Warning To Curacao…

Aruba will receive more than 100 million euros in support, Knops said on Friday. Curaçao does not need financial support for the time being. The Netherlands will continue to provide humanitarian aid such as food to the countries, if necessary. In return, the countries do not need to reform.

Dutch Caribbean Vaccinations Moving At A Rapid Pace. In Saba Approx. 89% Of Adults Have Been Fully Vaccinated

THE HAGUE – Vaccinations are fast on the islands in the Caribbean Netherlands. On Saba, approximately 89 percent of the adult population and almost all healthcare workers have now been vaccinated. On St. Eustatius, more than 30 percent of the population has had an injection and that share will quickly increase.

On Bonaire, 65 percent of the over-60s and healthcare personnel have received a first injection. From the end of this month, all young adults can also make an appointment for a vaccination. The cabinet has decided to speed up vaccination because of the rapidly increasing infections compared to the limited care capacity – there are only 6 ic beds on Bonaire. The number of infections is also high on Aruba and Curaçao. Here, the elderly and vulnerable are currently being vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. Younger adults will be next in the coming weeks.

Due to the increasing number of infections, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has adjusted the travel advice for Curaçao. From now on, a quarantine obligation also applies to Curacao and Aruba. The islands were already on ‘orange’, meaning unnecessary travel is discouraged.

Special Unit Robbery Detectives (SUR) with several police patrols arrested J.J.A. in St. Peters in the early morning of March 23 for his involvement in an attempted robbery

 Detectives from the Special Unit Robbery (SUR) together with several police patrols arrested a man with initials J.J.A. in St. Peters in the early morning of March 23 for his involvement in an attempted robbery on March 3, 2021, also in St. Peters.
On the evening of March 3, Police Central Dispatch received several calls about a shooting in St. Peters. Arriving on the scene, police officers found two men who were shot and in urgent need of medical care.
The investigation found that three masked men showed up at the scene and threatened the victims with a handgun and attempted to rob them of their belongings. The suspects were not successful in robbing the victims and proceeded to fire several shots at the men before fleeing the scene.
The suspect’s home was searched by police following his arrest. The suspect remains in police custody pending further investigation.

Government of Sint Maarten Congratulates Curaçao on 2021 General Elections

Philipsburg – On behalf of the Government of Sint Maarten, the Council of Ministers hereby take this opportunity to congratulate the Movement for the Future of Curaçao (MFK), party, and particularly its leader Gilmar ‘Pik’ Pisas – with his overwhelming support from the population and winning the election held in Curacao on Friday, March 19, 2021, with 9 out of 21 seats. The people of Curaçao have clearly spoken, and congratulations are also extended to the PAR, PNP, MAN, KEM and TPK parties winning seats to represent the people of Curaçao.

Congratulations to Jorien Wuite – making history for SXM in the Second Chamber!!! 🇸🇽

Besides Jorien Wuite, who has served as Secretary General for two Ministries on St. Maarten and as Minister Plenipotentiary in The Hague during the previous government, we are happy to see other persons of Dutch Caribbean descent enhance the diversity now reflected in the election of new parties such as BIJ1, which has representation from St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba in the persons of Quinsy Gario and Lysanne Charles. At a time when representation is so important, it is heartwarming to see that persons with an understanding from personal experience of living and working in St. Maarten will be able to stand for us in th


Melissa Gumbs The Big Fat Lie


Nobody Prostitutes Like the St Maarten Government

Two Dutch Parliamentarians One Dirty Hooker

Prostitute Nardy Cramm Parliamentarians André Bosman and Ronald Van Raak

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