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Due To Short Notice Ms Sarah Wescot Williams Cannot Make It To Todays Oath Taking Ceremony

Due to the short notice, I am unable to attend the oath-taking ceremony of the interim government today.
I do however want to wish the persons appointed to lead the government of St. Maarten for at least the coming 3 months or so much wisdom, strength and success in their undertakings. At the end of the day and notwithstanding the political circumstances, the

Sarah Wescot Williams Congratulates Dominica on Independence Day

I extend heartfelt congratulations to the government and people of the Commonwealth of Dominica on their 41st Independence anniversary.
I salute this Caribbean nation and its people for their tenacity and resilience. The last few years have been exceptionally challenging, but the people of Dominica continue to bounce back stronger after every setback. Dominica in 1968, gained self-rule within the British Empire, and 10 years later on November 3 1978, gained full independence . Dominica and St. Maarten have always enjoyed a close relationship amongst their citizens, due to family ties, trade and a shared Caribbean history.
In a special way I salute the many Dominica nationals who call St. Maarten home and who have for decades and for several generations contributed to our island through their hard work and perseverance.
Happy Independence Day.

Angelique Romou

Angelique Roumou

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