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St Maarten People Believe That Our Politicians Are Cursed. I’m Starting To Believe It Too

And by the way… if you gift us that prime piece of property to conduct some more illicit business, then we won’t even mention your name to the RST investigators?
Explain the above reasoning to me, because I still don’t get it. The logic, the stupidity, the greed… I just don’t get it.
What is your I.Q., when you are congratulating your own genius, because you are so smart to delete everything. Well…
What about the person that you are sending incriminating

Dutch Sint Maarten Government Want FULL Independence From The Netherlands But They Want To Keep Their DUTCH Passport And Their European Rights

The Dutch St Maarten Opposition government, NOT the people, want Independence from Holland. They want to keep their Dutch European Passport and all the perks and fringe benefits… But they want FULL independence, and more money🤷‍♀️ One today
‘Sint Maarten wants to remain connected with the Netherlands, but without administrative interference fr

Peterson: St. Maarten Constitution being trampled on by Parliament 17 maart 2021

MP Raeyhon Peterson’s comments referred to the petition backed by 12 MPs to the United Nations (UN) to investigate “systematic discrimination and racism perpetrated against the people of St. Maarten” by the Dutch state.
PHILIPSBURG–A complete disregard for the St. Maarten Constitution is being displayed by the Chairpersons of Parliament, said Party for Progress (PFP) Member of Parliament (MP) Raeyhon Peterson on


deliberately the filed incorrect and incomplete profit tax returns for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 submitted in the name of [A] NV, after all, [A] NV has always intentionally declared an incorrect and too low amount of taxable profit, while the result could always be are that disadvantage for the country of Sint Maarten could arise, to commit which offenses he, the accused, actually led. ”

Port Endorses Campaigns to Register for the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Tuesday 16th March 2021
Port Endorses Campaigns to Register for the COVID-19 Vaccine. The Vaccine is the Bridge to Economic Recovery
Port Endorses Campaigns to Register for the COVID-19 Vaccine. The Vaccine is the Bridge to Economic Recovery16 Mar 2021 Published in Soualiga News Today font size decrease font size increase font size Print Email
PORT ST. MAARTEN – Port St. Maarten Management endorses the various campaigns of government and

TODAY: Former MP/leader US (United St. Maarten Party) Frans Richardson & former leader/founder of the UP (United People’s Party) Theodore Heyliger in court,criminal conduct involving Millions of dollars. WENDELL MOORE

Heyliger has been found guilty in some of the charges brought against him by the prosecutor’s office to the point where they are eying reclaiming some $ 17 Million of which the prosecutor’s office deems criminal proceeds, Heyliger has illegally earned over the years. Heyliger knew all along that he was being investigated while continuing to serving as one of the most popular politicians on St. Maarten, until he learned his fate after he was picked up on February


WILLEMSTAD The figures are correct. Epidemiologist Izzy Gerstenbluth emphasizes this. He explains that things went well on the island for a long time, until the arrival of the new variants of the corona virus. The numbers are alarming. The figures really add up, says Gerstenbluth. The reason why the measures are being tightened now, again, is to get the virus back under control. Especially the group between 25 and 39 is now the most often tested positive, 40 percent of the infected people belong to this group. 37.1 percent of those who tested positive are between the ages of 40 and 64. According to the epidemiologist, it i

Parliament’s petition aims to end 75 years of Dutch’ abuse and violation of int’l laws

A petition sent to the United Nations requesting two of its bodies to investigate “systemic discrimination, and racism perpetrated against the people of St. Maarten” has been met with loud rhetoric and threats from three opposition members of Parliament and Dutch Parliamentarians, respectively. On Sunday, Faction Leader for the United People’s Party (UPP) in Parliament Grisha Heyliger-Marten said: “The sudden outbursts of threats and rhetoric by some politicians suggest that we should just shut up and accept anything, including abuse, for money. Money which can’t reach


Martel is gay and in 2019 married to Jean Franco Cence from Venezuela. “We got married on Bonaire, because that island is part of the Netherlands and it is allowed there. Thanks to a ruling by the Supreme Court, Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten must recognize a marriage certificate from the Netherlands and register us as married in the population register. ”

Sint Maarten Covid19 Numbers Are Strikingly Low Compared To Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao. They Can’t Figure Out Why.

The Netherlands Is Surprised By Dutch Sint Maarten’s Strikingly LOW Covid19 Numbers Compared To Aruba, Bonaire And Curacao Info
Curaçao and Bonaire have had to deal with a sharp increase in the number of corona infections in the past week. On Thursday, there were 205 active infections on Curaçao, compared to 70 a week earlier. On Bonaire there were 164 on Thursday compared to 55 a week earlier.
As a result, Curaçao introduced an extension of the curfew last Monday; the clock now applies from 10 pm instead of midnight. Bonaire tightened up the corona measures a week ago, partly by closing unnecessary shops. Is

MP Duncan Proposes Roundtable Discussion on Kingdom CharterSINT MAARTEN

the meeting also called on her colleagues to deliberate on matters at three levels; international, kingdom and local. “A majority in Parliament supported the international trajectory towards fixing our democratic deficits with the submission of a petition at the UN. Some are against and they have a right to be however there has also been debate and a lack of action taken at the Kingdom level with the Kingdom Charter being the key instrument in need of reform. For som

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