Tag: Summary of the epidemiological situation COVID-19 on the CAS-BES islands

Summary of the epidemiological situation COVID-19 on theCAS-BES islands, week 7Compiled by the National Institute for Public Health.

200 on Aruba, 63 on Sint Maarten, 39 on Curaçao, 10 on Bonaire, 0 on St. Eustatius and 0 on Saba. Curaçao counted 0 to 8 positive tests per day last week. The number of active infections is still the same as last week, when 59 active infections were also reported on the island. A total of 4,652 COVID-19 infections have been reported up to February 15. One patient is admitted to the nursing ward and one to the ICU. The incidence increased to 21 reports per 100,000 subjects last week, compared to 16 / 100,000 at week 5. Surveillance of circulation of SARS-COV-2
variants so far shows one case of the VOC 1.1.7 (British) variant in Curaçao. In Aruba, the number

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