The students in the photos above are well behaved- most of them are. But there is a growing danger in schools with fighting, the use of weapons and gang activity. First of all the police and the government cannot ask the question WHY there is an increase in violence and gang activity at the schools. These children are literate, they have TV’s and Smartphone devices. They see our government and police in handcuff being led in and out of courthouse and jail. They know that the adults in their lives such as their parents and teachers are preaching to them that crime doesn’t pay. But when they leave school, all they see is well dressed criminals, driving around in their 3-4 SUV’s.

I often take photos at the schools, because the students love to scream at me like the ones above “Paparazzi, take my picture- and make sure I look good”. I also take photos when the police are called to the schools because of fighting and unrest- I will upload those photos and videos later on.

I myself have discovered butcher knives, hidden under boxes closed to the school. When I asked one student about it, he shrugged and noncholantly told me, that ‘somebody put it there for a fight’.

When you see the photos of the police trying to quell fights and violence at the schools- just look at the expressions on their faces.

They would rather be quelling prison riots, because the children are more likely MORE armed than any prisoner, and they know that one wrong move, and they’ll be on Youtube forever- dropping licks on a child, and being called a child abuser.

The police don’t like dealing with these kids, because they have to be very careful- considering that they’re minors- who might be armed.

They have to deal with them at times in a certain way, and they have to be very careful when handling these kids, because their career can be destroyed.

Half of the kids in highschool are bigger than the police. I’ve seen female students who are bigger than adult male officers.

The violence, criminal activities and fights will continue, and will get worst- because the adults and leaders in society- are involved in violence, criminal activities and fights.

It’s a case of ‘do as I say, not as I do..” but what do you expect?

Which leader is going to go to the schools and lecture these kids on how to walk the ‘straight and narrow’?

Louie Laveist? He’s a convicted felon, who’s been imprison, and still continues with illicit activities.

Theo Heyliger? Nope, he’s too busy in court fighting criminal charges.

William Marlin? Nope, he’s too busy in his own illicit activities- and his son is one of the biggest thugs in St Maarten.

Romain Laville? Nope, he’s too busy pulling guns on members of Parliament.

Patrick lllidge? Nah, he’s on his way to prison because he took bribes from a brothel owner.

Dennis Richardson? Nah, he’s supposed to be busy impregnating and marrying hookers.

Chief  of Police de Witte? Nope, he’s too busy breeding off young hookers, and getting their ‘dutch rights’ for them.

Christopher Emmanuel? Christopher Emmanuel proves that crime DOES pay-

I could go on and on……… name one person in leadership, who could be a good role model for your child?

Be careful in believing that the women in government would do a good job, there are TOO MANY, USED MATTRESSES in government.

Women who stay on their backs, to get to the top.

They are less honest with themselves, than the brothel-prostitutes.

There are few women in government that I would consider ‘acceptable’ to be a role model.

In St Maarten, young women are being led to believe that they will get anything by spreading their legs- and they learn in from certain women in government.

People defend the high-classed prostitutes in government- because SEX at least got them somewhere.

Many women in government, don’t like me, because I don’t kowtow or kiss their ass.

Why should I? Their brains did not earn the ANYTHING—-

Their Va-jay-jay did!!!

But what is done in darkness- will come out to light.

There is nothing more desperate, and thirsty in the St Maarten government-

than these used up old whores….. and they are male AND female.




According to “Journalist” Bibi Hodge Shaw, the current Minister of Justice- who would be Dennis Richardson, impregnated and married a hooker. Now I’ve always been told Dennis is gay- which is his right. But now I’m really confused.

Consider that they call Bibi Hodge Shaw a ‘journalist’, and she posted those allegations with her full name and photo next to her comment, it should be interesting to see if Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson responds to what she said.

She could have been speaking about Roland Duncan, but he hasn’t been Minister of Justice since early last year. If Duncan also got a prostitute pregnant, it is not a surprise. It would only be a shock if Duncan HASN’T gotten a prostiture pregnant.

We don’t call him “Senor Hypnotique” for no reason.

The new Minister of Justice was supposed to be Denicio Brison, but I asked questions- about him being disbarred by the Tucht (Antillian Bar Associations? for illicit, illegal and unethical behavior as a lawyer.

Now they’re saying that Veen will be the new Minister of Justice, but isn’t that like when they tried to appoint alleged mobster Francesco Corallo’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Baetsen to the Central Bank.

And the Dutch flipped, because they didn’t want Baetson, someone tied to the Mafia at the Central Bank.

Like I said, allegations of Veen working for Corallo have not been verified,

Maybe someone in the mainstream media could ask him that question.



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They’re now saying…. check the photos and documents below, that Frans Richardson- leader of the USP, William Marlin leader of the NA and Sarah Wescot Williams leader of the DP have already signed an informal agreement for a coalition, in effect LOCKING THEO HEYLIGER AND THE UNITED PEOPLE’S PARTY OUT! The agreement was supposed to have been signed at 6 am on Saturday. Which is about two hours ago. Much more coming up, I have a couple NA members on the phone. Keep clicking will be updating!

Those that secured a seat on the UPP list are:-

  1. Theodore Heyliger
  2. Franklyn Meyers
  3. Silvio Matser
  4. Claret Conner
  5. Dr. LLoyd Richardson
  6. Tamara Leonard
  7. Maurice Lake

National Alliance:-

  1. William Marlin
  2. Silveria Jacobs
  3. Christopher Emanuel
  4. George Pantophlet

Democratic Party

  1. Sarah Wescot Williams
  2. Cornelius de Weeverelectioncoalition2 electioncoalition
  3. PHILIPSBURG–St. Maarten will have yet another coalition government after Friday’s elections. National Alliance (four seats), United St. Maarten Party (two seats) and Democratic Party (two seats) signed a declaration of willingness before dawn today to work together to form a new government.

    DP leader Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams told The Daily Herald about the declaration shortly after the signing took place at the DP election headquarters at Bute Hotel.

    The short declaration states that the parties are willing to work together. The coalition’s governing programme and division of government responsibilities will be announced in the coming days.

    United People’s (UP) party with its seven of the 15 Parliament seats appears to be heading to the opposition benches. The party is one seat short of a clear majority to be able to go into government without support from NA, DP or US Party.

    The preliminary seat allocations show that UP has gained one seat since the September 2010 early Island Council Elections.

    NA lost three seats from when it was the winner of the 2010 elections with seven seats. However, it could be said that NA is maintaining its four seats in Parliament. After its win of seven seats in 2010, three of its Members of Parliament went independent.

    DP maintains its two seats in Parliament.

    US Party is a new party on the scene, headed by former NA, now independent, MP Frans Richardson.

    By law, only two residual seats can be awarded. Those seats went to UP and US Party. UP earned six seats outright and the seventh seat was the residual seat. US Party earned one seat outright and its second was the residual seat.

    UP Member of Parliament Theo Heyliger received 6,156 votes while NA of MP William Marlin received 4,011. Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams’ DP received 2,398, and independent MP Frans Richardson’s US Party 1,636 votes.

    The two other parties in the election were One St. Maarten Party (168 votes) and Social Reform Party (131 votes). Neither party received sufficient votes for a seat.

    The quota was 967 votes per seat, compared to 917 votes in 2010. What is interesting is that SRP had just one candidate, businessman Jacinto Mock, who received all its votes. OSPP had nine candidates, yet came in only 37 votes more than SRP.

    The total number of eligible voters for this election was 21,433 (not 21,457 as previously announced by the Central Voting Bureau). The change in the number is due to some 20 people being removed from the voter registry by court decision.

    The number of valid votes was 14,500 votes (69 per cent), up from 14,009 (72 per cent) in 2010.

    Invalid votes numbered 303 and blank votes were 79.

    Total votes cast: 14,882.

    UP gained some 1,220 votes since the 2010 elections.

    NA lost about 2,260 votes since the last elections.

    DP gained some 28 more votes this election than the last elections.

    The names of the 15 parliamentarians will not be known until later today, Saturday, when the Central Voting Bureau completes the crunching of the numbers. Results will be announced via the media and posted on the government’s website .

    The preliminary results, announced by the Bureau around 4:00am Saturday, will be verified in a public meeting of the bureau in five days, based on Article 87 of the Electoral Ordinance.

    Bureau Head Jason Rogers said the earlier release of the preliminary results had been hampered by several “factors.” Those factors included polling stations opening one hour later than previous elections, an increase in the number of voters and more polling stations.

    The teams at the 20 polling stations “worked diligently” to count the ballots. The teams were commended for “a job well done,” Rogers said.


955d9-theoheyligersetuppatrickillidgeallphotosjudithroumou57 f5eda-theoheyligersetuppatrickillidgeallphotosjudithroumou55 70a54-theoheyligersetuppatrickillidgeallphotosjudithroumou54 7c9db-theoheyligersetuppatrickillidgeallphotosjudithroumou49 db7f6-theoheyligersetuppatrickillidgeallphotosjudithroumou48 f7729-theoheyligersetuppatrickillidgeallphotosjudithroumou52 4b6e6-theoheyligersetuppatrickillidgeallphotosjudithroumou45 059be-theo2bheyliger2527s2bplans2bto2bdestroy2bthe2bcoalition2bappears2bto2bhave2bfailed2bphotos2bjudith2broumou2bpatrick2billidge2bromaine2blaville2bdr2blloyd2brichardson2b2528 5407c-theo2bheyliger2527s2bplans2bto2bdestroy2bthe2bcoalition2bappears2bto2bhave2bfailed2bphotos2bjudith2broumou2bpatrick2billidge2bromaine2blaville2bdr2blloyd2brichardson2b2528


Wait, I will post photos taken 10 months ago, so that you can see how times have really changed in politics. Sarah accepted Patrick Illidge, he has a criminal investigation, she accepted Romain Laville- he’s under various investigations, and tied to Koeiman. So why not Petrus Leroy de Weever? Well, she already has a slate lined up with those under investigation- so Leroy’s Potfish” investigation might have been too much for dear Sister Sarah, considering she’s under her own investigation.

Sarah could just be pragmatic as opposed to loyal. Both Roy Marlin and Leroy de Weever her top people, both had their heart-attacks/ strokes during the last elections. No matter how young and virile they try to act, they are old men, aging quickly because they’ve had booze and other habits for decades now. Roy Marlin was notorious in Aruba, during his heyday- and he Roy continues to smoke more than a pack a day. Leroy can’t stop drinking, no matter how much medication he’s on, so yeah- Sarah has to consider the health of her party- before drawing up a slate.

There’s more to come

all blogs judith roumou

I’m the only st maarten blogger- brave enough to post her name, and not be a coward- posting under administrator!


Theo is now trying to reassure the people that the government is stable, but on some people’s mind, it’s not if the Government is going to fall……’s when



William Marlin is calling Theo’s bluff about the stability of the St Maarten government, but I wrote about that months ago.

The Masbangu case, a case involving 5 police officers accepting bribe money from Theo Heyliger’s United People’s Party first came into the headlines in early 2011, but the headlines quickly faded away. Everyone thought that the case was forgotten, including Theo Heyliger, then suddenly late last year, the papers started reporting that the Masbangu case was back on. According to Theo Heyliger’s staff, Theo Heyliger authorized the bribe payments. The judge postponed the case, and on Monday he postponed the case again until August 4th 2014.

The Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams came out on Sunday slating the 2014 elections for August 29th. This would mean that the Masbangu case would be in full swing during this year’s elections.

Theo can’t have that.

And let’s not forget “Orca”. I believe Orca is the case involving Jaap Van Den Heuvel, local-Dutch brothel owner being recorded on camera giving Independent Parliamentarian Patrick Illidge money. Both Jaap and Patrick have stated that Theo was the mastermind in the video tape, and that it was a part of a blackmail plot.

Both Jaap van den Heuvel and Patrick Illidge have been detained in the case. Theo Heyliger although implicated by the main characters in the “Bada Bing” Orca case, has only been interviewed in the convenience of his home.

The Bada Bing/Orca case is far from over, the Masbangu case is just beginning. People on Theo Heyliger’s slate this year have been implicated- Theo Heyliger’s implicated personally in several investigation.

Theo has roughly only 6 weeks to bring down the government, and force a new elections.

Theo’s 1st smoesje was that he was upset about the Central Bank issue, so the government had to fall. Theo is under the assumption, that the people have forgotten, that he, Theo Heyliger tried to install a man associated with Organized Crime Francesco Corallo’s main money man, and CFO (CHIEFINANCIAL OFFICER) Baetsen appointed to the Central Bank.

Baetsen by the way is The Atlantis Casino’s money manager- the guy who is alleged to have given Theo Heyliger and Gerrit Schotte millions For their campaigns.

When people called Theo Heyliger on his “Central Bank smoesje”, he then switched his story and said that he thought the hurricane season would somehow hamper the elections.

Someone omitted to tell Theo Heyliger that in the Caribbean and in most tropical areas, it’s always Hurricane Season. Hurricane Season means that a hurricane is more likely to hit, but hurricanes can not show up during the Hurricane season, then two or three might show up when the season has passed. Hurricanes like most weather patterns cannot really be predicted.

Then I guess Theo then came out and said or insinuated something about his congress, his board had approved him breaking the government again-this according to Marlin.

Now one day after the Judge slates Masbangu for August 4th, and jsut two days after Sarah slates the elections for Aug 29th, Theo Heyliger once again comes out- this time reassuring the people that the government is stable.

I’ll be updating on this topic, and we’ll all have to wait and see.

masbangu1andtwo4chopper 027

theo heyliger masbangu judith roumou photos
theo heyliger masbangu judith roumou photos








I took a look back at 2010 Election results and two things dawned on me. First how come some politicians that barely got votes less than 200 in all cases and less than 50 in most getting so much attention when they resign. Second, our system REALLY need to change. Looking at the graph at the end of the results NA won 15 of 16 districts and still was left out of Government. Something wrong with THAT, seems that all the people wanted an NA Government. See for yourselves!

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  • 5 people like this.
  • Ambrosina Julia What was the cause that they weren’t in government
  • Kendall Dupersoy As i said .. the system …
  • Kendall Dupersoy the two other parties combined for more votes .. it’s the system we got and we got to live with it for now
  • Camron Gregoire And its all going to repeat itself again this election, so let’s prepare for a next coalition government with the same result!!!
  • Kendall Dupersoy Well I hope not the SAME result
  • Joseph John Kendall if 15 out of 16 is not majority. NA will never ever ever win again ! and CANT
  • Jose Cuerpo KD that is wishfull thinking cause u know each of the big party will have less MP’s cause DP will pull at least 1 seat and US party at least 1 seat so both big ones will go back
  • Kendall Dupersoy boy .. why you jumping on me .. it was Camron Gregoireopinion …..
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  • Camron Gregoire I don’t llike it either but this is the reality of the situation, sad but true
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  • Joseph John rigged !!! 15 out of 16 = lose
  • Jadira Veen Kendall….it was clear as day that the NA won the last election. No doubt there! It is the wheeling and dealing that forms the government that is wacked. Now for me the greatest piss me off moment is when the Prime Minister comes from the smallest party with the least votes #unheardof
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  • Julian Lake Kendall Dupersoy, In the last election, which parties formed government in curacao, Statia and Bonaire, and who were the biggest parties? I agree the system must change, i personally prefer the voting by constituents (per district)……But don’t use that to justify why NA was not government, as SXM isn’t the only place that this did not happen!
    15 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Louis Brown Hey Kendall Dupersoy, you can’t be sore with the system. We including NA put this system in place and know and have to live with the consequences. If you don’t like the system, then work to change it, but not only when it doesn’t suit you. #theartofpolitics
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  • Darkchocolate Zamore Elections should be done by districts.
  • Jacinto Mock How do you think NA got that many votes. Expectations and hopes were raised so high that even the tiniest mishap could trigger disillusionment in our country. Its a double-edge sword. Grassroots is safest because one friend tell the other and churches …See More
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  • Lamin Ibrahim The problem in the last election was Dutch Quarter……..that is where the vote rigging swung UP’s way. As for that piece of paper you posted KENDALL DUPERSOY……I wouldn’t give that any credence if my life depended on it.
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  • Kendall Dupersoy Julian Lake, it is not my intention to justify anything. i am just saying that my mathematical mind tells me that there is something wrong with the system and it needs to be fixed. Even in the Netherlands there are some people saying it needs to be twe…See More


As someone who sits in Parliament and watch these idiots laugh at the plight of St Maarteners, I have nothing good to call them. Parliament is worst than third grade. When one Parliamentarian is speaking about the issues, the opposition leaves the room, interrupts, farts, burps, giggles. And we wonder why St Maarten is going down the drain, and only these wealthy politicians are benefiting. We need a revolution in St Maarten, but the St Maarten people are COWARDS!!!



Considering Sarah Wescot Williams appointed him as Minister of Justice, I assumed that the Honourable Minister had some type of law degree. I was sure that he’d practiced law somewhere……NOPE!!!

I think his degree is in Business Administration. Anyway, When the former Minister of Justice, Roland Duncan handed in his resignation, he made sure to stop me on the Pondside to let me know that he would no longer be my punching bag. He said “Roumou! You can’t attack me no more, I’m done!” I was actually saddened by the fact that I would no longer have such an easy target. I wondered who they would replace him with……

They replaced him with Dennis Richardson.

My original question to the Honourable Minister was what he thought of the gay marriage laws, and whether he felt that St Maarten was ready for its first openly gay politician. I consider him to be an expert, well I guess because Sarah considers him to be an expert, or else she wouldn’t have given him the position.

I’d forgotten all about the question, until my dear Cousin Dr Neville De Weever reminded me this morning….

He wanted to know whether he had given an answer, I told him I would check back with him (Honourable Justice Minister Dennis Richardson).


According to sources, a lot of people are going to jail in the St Maarten Government next year. There is so much going on in the St Maarten Government.

Mr VDSM James Richardson was investigating and wiretapping (some say illegally) the most powerful people in St Maarten (both European AND Caribbean Dutch) James Richardson then allegedly went into his VDSM expense account, and used the St Maartener’s taxpayer money to build a wall worth thousands around his house  for ‘security’. So with his brand new wall, he should’ve had the most ‘secure’ home in Sint Maarten, yet he spent several months “hiding” in a Point Blanche hotel-The Tamarind Hotel-the taxpayers ALSO footed that bill, and there’s still thousands of dollars that he has yet to account for. Then three weeks ago by coincidence a security guard at the very same Tamarind Hotel that James Richardson was “hiding” at, got his head busted open. He is now in critical condition with a blood clot on his brains, and his relatives have just arrived from Haiti and are seeking donations, so whatever this man saw or knew, nobody’s helping him now.

There was a “lack of decorum” or whatever in Parliament at the Patrick Illidge hearing. Nobody in Parliament wants Patrick prosecuted now, because if Patrick going down, a lot of people will go down with him. Employees at the Bada Bing have emphatically stated that Patrick was just ONE of the politicians who were practically LIVING at the brothel. And stop calling The Bada Bing a Strip Club, it is a Whore House.

Pelican Employees are claiming that Jules James and his Pelican pals still have yet to pay them out. Over 200 employees, some with over 30 years working for Pelican. There’s a chance that the Pelican saga is NOT over. I ask Parliamentarian Jules James point blank about the Pelican workers money, and he said that it simply was not true. Now my pal Julien Petit says that a St Maarten politician will lie to God, so we’ll have to find out in 2014 whether the Pelican Saga will once again be played out in court. I don’t think those 200 employees and the families are going to go away.

And speaking of Parliamentarian Jules James, he has NEVER dropped the gun charges against Romain Laville, and that saga continues…

If Parliamentarian Patrick Illidge does get tried in court next year, Parliamentarian Theo Heyliger will HAVE to be on the stand at some point. After all the man behind the payments, brothel owner Jaap Van Den Heuvel said that the set-up was done at Theo Heyligers request, and Jaap Van de Heuvel has LOTS more video…. Why do you think they released him so quickly after his detention last month?

Speaking of investigations, wasn’t there an investigation going on of Theo Heyliger when it came to bribing three police officers? Was it three or four :) ? One policeman drove the others to collect money at Theo Heyligers Point Blanch office. One officer had a cell phone.. and recorded.. Welcome to the 21st century.

Parliamentarian Romain Laville, filed criminal charges against Parliamentarian Theo Heyliger this year as Parliamentarian Jules James has declared that he will NOT drop his criminal charges against Romain Laville..

Then we have the Saraconda, Sarah Wescot Williams our dear Prime Minister is under an integrity investigation right now, and she somehow convinced the Dutch that Richard Gibson and Jan Beaujon could be in charge of ANYTHING that has to do with integrity or ethics.

Roland Duncan is staying under the radar, being smart for the first time in his life-but he DARED the Dutch to “arrest me or shut up!” when he was the Minister of Justice, and had Ministerial Immunity. Now he’s just another St Maarten lawyer praying that the Dutch forget his “dare”.

His son in law former Minister of finance Hiro Shigemoto went to jail, he then went to court………and then silence!

Like the bloggers are going to let it go, whatever happened to the Piranha case?

And speaking of piranhas, what happened to the Bas Roorda, Tourism bureau scandal? That was getting so interesting until Bas Roorda fled the island in terror, screaming over his shoulders about death threats, lasers, carbombs, and local “Mulatto” crime families.

The Police department it seems spends most of its time investigating and being investigated by OTHER police department.

Behind the scenes we have a bunch of shady characters in the Prosecutors Office who STILL haven’t told us where Joran Van der Sloot dumped that American girl’s body.

There’s a lot more, and I don’t even want to say it but the only person that you get ANY positive feedback about is Sylveria Jacobs. I don’t want to say anything, because I know Sarah and Theo and the gang will just try to sully her up. Just remember Syveria, They LOVED Rhoda, until the HATED Rhoda :) . She was the best thing for government, until she was every name in the book. So realize that they like to watch you rise, but they love to watch you fall. And the more spectacular the fall, the more they’ll enjoy it….just ask Maria “Marietje” Molanus Buncamper about ‘the fall’.

Speaking about Marietje, whatever happened to that ‘leased land’ investigation? Are we just supposed to forget front page headlines? Remember that idiot Hilbert Haar screaming up and down that he wouldn’t let this case rest? Now that his boss, Richard Gibson is working the “Integrity Investigation” for Sarah, Hilbert Haar and the Today Paper have to remain very quiet, unless they want Toontje and Marietje to drop some unfortunate bombs on them, right in the middle of this “Integrity Investigation” and right on time for the 2014 elections.

So my question in all of this is……

If YOU were a St Maarten politician,

and YOU were headed to court in 2014….

Who would you want as YOUR lawyer?

{all photos judith roumou}

I gave a varied selection above. Local female criminal lawyer Brenda Brooks, Dutch born local attorney Cor Merx is considered one of the best legal minds in St Maarten.

There’s Geert Hatzmann of Bermon, he appears to be a very dedicated lawyer.

And there’s Bush Lawyer Mr Maduro, who is known for his cunning in the Courtroom and always has realistic attorney advice.

There are many lawyers in St Maarten, feel free to add your own choice in the comment section.


I would like to entertain the minds of the readers a little before the holidays.

Now that Wescot-Williams Cabinet III is up and running, poor people are still in dire straits.


Comrades, begone! These politicians would not tell the truth to God. but, I promised my comrades that I would address the social and political issues more aggressively next year.

You know what next year is? When I tackle the issues I will be more ferocious than my pardner coach Radjouki when he is on the attack in a table-tennis competition, but more on that next year. I am aware that politics is the art of the possible. Now let me engage your minds.

Comrades, if I were to put a government together with all the officials and politicians that are around now, I would do the following:

-Ministerie van Algemene Zaken (Min. AZ): Dr Eugene Haliday (PM)

-Ministerie van Volkshuisvesting, Ruimtelijke Ordening, Milieu en Infrastructuur (Minister of Public Housing  and Spatial Planning Environment and infrastructure: Mr William V Marlin.

- Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Social Ontwikkeling en Arbeid (Min VSA): Dr Lloyd Richardson.-I believe Dr Lloyd Richardson would shine like a star I have few reservations.

-Ministerie van Cultuur, Jeugd en Sport (Min OCJS): Sylveria E. Jacobs.- her record speaks volumes.

-Ministerie van Financien (Min. Finance): Mr. M.G. Frederick (A former PPA candidate) -new blood; Mike is pretty good.

-Ministerie van Justitie (Min JUS): Mr Todd Peterson without a doubt. Sorry comrades, Todd is my choice. Yes, I know that he is not a politician.

-Ministerie van Toerisme, Economische Zaken, Vervoer en Telecommunicatie (Min): Mrs Claudette Charles Hassel or Mr Stuart Johnson.

-Kabinet  Gevolmachtigde Minister (KGM): Mrs Sarah Wescot Williams-rated very highly for diplomacy

The 15 members in Parliament would be:

1) Lourdes Brooks-Lake,

2) Keith Kendall Dupersoy

3) Christopher C.T. Emmanuel

4) Sylvia Meyers

5)Rhoda Arrindell

6) Rodolphe Samuel

7) Richelda Emmanuel

8)  Antonio Brown :)

9)  George Pantophlet

10) Don R. Hughes

11) Leona Marlin-Romeos

12) Rudy Engel

13) Henry Salomons

14) Theo Heyliger

15) Leonard Priest.

Comrades Happy Holidays,


Julien Petty














breaking news doctor randall friday shot at the Yogesh building



via breaking news doctor randall friday shot at the Yogesh building.


A Poison Tree

I was angry with my friend:
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I watered it in fears,
Night and morning with my tears;
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night,
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine.
And he knew that it was mine,

And into my garden stole
When the night had veiled the pole;
In the morning glad I see
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.


How about these politicians such as Maurice Lake tell the TRUTH about the Ring Road fiasco. Ring Road was Theo Heyliger’s idea. The property that they are creating by filling in the Salt Pond is worth MILLIONS! Theo had all of this lucrative property within his grasp but before he could properly divy it up, the government fell, and William Marlin took over. William Marlin divided millions of dollars worth of the Ring Road property to his friends and cronies. Now that Theo Heyliger is back in power by proxy, he’s realizing how many of his “schemes” William Marlin took over as his own, and Theo is realizing that William Marlin was very busy sealing his own deals behind the scenes. From the airport, to the harbour, the bridge to nowhere and Ring Road among other projects, William Marlin and co. received a large chunk. Theo Heyliger has sent Maurice Lake to call out WIlliam Marlin over the Ring Road project right now, but it’s all sour grapes.

The one person who has the dirt of course is Kurt Ruan. I did ask Kurt Ruan about the Ring Road project when the NA was in power. The rumours are that Kurt Ruan will be on the slate next year, the UP slate. I tried to call Kurt to confirm but Kurt’s afraid to answer the phone when I call, because he never likes the questions.

Next year should be an interesting election year, since all of these politicians are in it together, and they are trying to use and manipulate the public with their leaked stories of mismanagement and corruption when we all know that they are all dirty.

Enjoy the pictures. That little landfill project IS WORTH MILLIONS!


Open Letter

Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen!

Herby the Applicants informs you as follows:


The Senior Judge  of the Court of First Instance  Sint Maarten  Mr.R.W.J.van Veen is a psychopathic criminal, specialized  in blackmailextortionkidnappings, money launderingmortgage fraudstax evasionrobbery andforgeries! His “right hand” is the Registrar Mrs.Maritsa James-Christina. As mentioned before, the other “key players” in this criminal organization are: Civil Servants/Notary M.Mingoformer Notary F.E.Gijsbertha , the Director of the Stichting Kadaster en Hypotheekwezen  Sint Maarten-Mr. Clemens Roos, “the Wannabe” / Mr. Hendrich A. Sefarina,  and the one and only Mr.Albert Van der Waag! Due the fact that the crimes mentioned above are usually performed by the both types of criminals (“White-collar criminals” and “Blue-collar criminals”), the color of the “collars” of the criminals in question is difficult to be define, maybe Gray???Therefore the criminals mentioned above will be referred to below as “the Gray-collar criminals”!




1.           The First Applicant is the rightful owner of seven apartments in Oyster Pond Sint Maarten (see here).  Up to July.2009 the Applicants trusted unreservedly to the Trust Companies, the Notaries and to Judges of the Joint Court of Justice of Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten and of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. The result: not one, but two fabricated Mortgage Deeds attached to a non-profitable foundation- without Bank Accounts -for total amount of USD 1 670 000.00(one million six hundred and seventy thousand US Dollars) see here.


2.           Up to Sep.23.2011 the total amount of the false mortgage Deeds attached to a Foundation without Bank accounts (The First Applicant) was USD 1 670 000.00(one million six hundred and seventy thousand US Dollars) see here.


3.           According to the “Deed” registered on Oct.21.2011from the arrogant criminal/De bewarder  Mr. Clemens Roos(see here), the Candidate Notary Mrs. M.Mingo sold “on Auction” five apartments (property of the first Applicant) to Mr. Albert Van der Waag for the amount of USD 550 000.00(five hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars).

4.           On Jan.11.2012 the insolent  bewarder v/h Kadaster en de Opebare Registers Mr. Clemens Roos registered second  Deed(see here).According to this “Deed”, former Notary Mr. F.E.Gijsberta sold  “on Auction” the same five apartments (property of the first Applicant) to Mr. Albert Van der Waag for the amount of USD 550 000.00(five hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars).

5.           Both “Deeds” are referring to Sep.23.2011-10 AM(please compere the AUTHENTIC REPORT OF AUCTIONand AKTE VAN KWIJTING). According to those “Deeds”, Mr. Albert Van der Waag purchased the five apartments “on Auction” from two different Notaries at the same time (Sep.23.2011 at 10am), and paid twice!


6.            If we ignore the fact that there was no Auction, in the AUTHENTIC REPORT OF AUCTION Article 14( page #3 and #4)clear state :

Article 14:     Apart from the costs and charges…the Buyer shall pay:

Ø  notarial fee;

Ø  the turnover tax;

Ø  the Registration Stamps;

Ø  the disbursements;

Ø  the Transfer Tax;

Ø  the cancelation of mortgages and annulment of attachments

Ø  …etc.

7.             On Jan.11.2012 the Candidate Notary Mrs. M.Mingo, the former Notary Mr. F.E.Gijsberta and the Director of the Kadaster/ Mr. Clemens Roos not only did not annul the mortgages and the attachments, but  they “transferred” the false Mortgage Deeds to the remaining two units(see here).Those fearless “Gray-collar criminals” not only did not annul the mortgages and “transferred” the false Mortgage Deeds to the remaining two units, but they also they  added USD 835 000.00(eight hundred and thirty five thousand US Dollars interest/penalty (please compere  here. and here )!


8.           Three weeks later – on Jan.30.2012 the “two times Buyer of the same five apartments on Auction” – Mr.Albert Van der Waag  started EJ 21/2012 and requested the Court to declare the Applicants Bankrupt(see herehere and here).

9.           The hearing was on Feb.20.012. The Judge was the arrogant criminal/“Mastermind” Judge Mr.R.W.J. (Rene) van Veen .

10.        On Feb.27.2912 the Applicants received “Vonnis en process-verbal” to EJ 21/2012(see here). Along with the “Vonnis en process-verbal” to EJ 21/2012 the Applicants received a “Vonnis en process-verbal” to a different Court Case EJ 20/2012(see here). Should be noted the fact that Court Case EJ 20/2012 is concerning  a local Construction Company and has no connection with the Applicants whatsoever! The Applicants were not summoned nor party in EJ 20/2012 AND THAT IS A FACT!


11.          On March 12.2012 The Applicants submitted Complaint against the behavior of Judge R.W.J. (Rene) van Veen (see here).

12.          To “transfer” the responsibilities to other judges and legalize his forgeries, the impudent criminal Judge Mr. Rene van Veen summoned the Applicants (on March.19.2012 see here and here). Please compare the number of the Court case on first page and on the second page! According to those summons, the Complaint against Judge R.W.J. van Veen it is in fact “two in one-AKTE VAN APPEL and MEMORIE VAN GRIEVEN”.

13.        Should be noted the fact that all summons and other forgeries are undersigned from the “right hand” of the criminal (Judge Mr. Rene van Veen) – de griffier Mrs.Maritsa James-Cristina. She is the fearless griffier, undersigning and participating in all criminal activities in the Court of First Instance Sint Maarten!

14.        On March.21.2012 the Applicants submitted second Complaint against the criminals in black robes – Judge Mr. R.W.J. (Rene) van Veen and the Court recorder- Mrs. Maritsa James-Cristina (see here).

15.        Along with the second Complaint the Applicants informed Judge Mrs. M.Keppels that, the Applicants will not attend any imaginary Appeal Court Cases, or in other words- will not be part of this disgusting charade (seehere).

16.        On March.22.2012  the Applicants did not attended “the hearings of the imaginary Appeal Court Cases”.

17.        On March.23.2012 the Applicants received this time not one, but three “Vonnissen”- see herehere andhere.

18.          The Applicants would like to direct your attention to the third “Vonnis”- BURGERLIJKE ZAKEN OVER 2012This “Vonnis(without a number) cover all Appeal Court Cases  in year 2012 -BURGERLIJKE ZAKEN OVER 2012.Person Van der Zwaag does not exist..etc. Every reasonable person will consider that this ”vonnis” was written by illiterate person, or person with “mental issues”. Anyway, further below  this “vonnis”  is referring to the pending Appeal to AR 184/2010 – I quote:

1.2  On behalf of the trustees, Messrs. M. Le Poole, LL.M. and H. Seferina, LL.M. stated at the case-list hearing of the Court of Appeal of 13th April 2012 on Sint Maarten that they do not take over the appeal proceedings. Then prejudiced right was requested as the Court of Appeal understands in view of the provisions in article 23 paragraph 2 Fb.



2.1  The request for prejudiced right, that means of the appeal of Busarov and Evmolpia against the judgment given under General Case-list 184/10 of the CFI, as based on the law will be allowed.


19.           After the  miserable attempt of the psychopathic criminal –Judge R.W.J.van Veen to “transfer” the his responsibilities  to the Appeal Court did not succeed, he“forget” about the “Appeal Court Cases EJ 20/2012-H-61/2012 and EJ 21/2012-H-62/2012” and ten minutes before the hearing to the  “ BURGERLIJKE ZAKEN OVER 2012” he arrested the Applicants on April.13.2012 8:30am in the Court House of Sint Maarten,  relying on his own forgeries- EJ 20/2012 and EJ21/2012(seehere).After ten minutes in the Police Station the Applicants were send to Point Blanche Prison Sint Maarten.

20.           On April.16.2012.11am the APPLICANTS WERE FORCED TO BE PRESENT TO A HEARING. In this hearing the insolent criminal threatened the Applicants that if they do not cooperate/surrender the property of the First Applicant (current Appraisal –over two million US Dollars), he will extend the imprisonment with another 30days, and another 30 days…etc. The Applicants declare that not thirty days,-30 years are not sufficient treat and they will not surrender the property. After this statement the Applicants were send back to Point Blanche Prison Sint Maarten. On the next day the APPLICANTS RECEIVED ONLY “PROCES-BERBAAL”, NOT REFERING TO ANY Court CASE (see here)!


21.        On April.26.2012 the Applicants were forced once again to a hearing. Once again the psychopathic criminal –Judge R.W.J.van Veen threatened the Applicants that if they do not cooperate/surrender the property of the First Applicant, he will extend the 30days imprisonment with another 30 days…etc. Once again the Applicants declare that not thirty days,- 30 years are not sufficient treat and they will not surrender the property. On the next day-April.27.2012 the Applicants were released under conditions(see here) I quote:



The examining judge in bankruptcy:


Suspends the order of remand in custody ordered against Yordan Stoilov Busarov pursuant to article 85 Fb effective Friday April 27th 2012, 12.00 hours.


Thereby sets the following conditions:


a.         that the suspect complies with the provisions in article 86 Fb, namely that he may not leave his residence without permission of the examining judge;

b.         that he complies with summonses to appear of and by the examining judge and/or of and by the trustees Messrs. M. Le Poole, LL.M. and H. A. Seferina, LL.M., employed at HBN Law.


22.        According to this “shade of a man”, I -Y. Busarov am a suspect of what, suspect of requesting Proper Administration of Justice? The fact is, that since April.13.2012 –up to date- July.15.2013 (for over fifteen months and counting) the Applicants areillegally  deprived of liberty  from one greedy psychopathic criminal, dressed in a black robe  and acting as a Judge– “Mr.“ R.W.J.van Veen.

23.          On July.02.2013  the Applicants also find out from the Director of the Cadaster  that , to cover his/their  tracks, the  criminal  Judge Mr. R.W.J(Rene) van Veen and his “Puppets”/ Clemens Roos,Notary M.Mingo,  F.E.Gijsbertha  and  Hendrich A.Sefarina illegally  “transferred” the remaining two units(#2 and #3)  to the one and only Albert Van der Waag.

24.              According to the “Deed”, “the Wannabe” / Mr. Hendrich A. Sefarina, (without the knowledge of the Applicants )nearly one year ago has represented the First Applicant and “sold” unit  #2 and # 3 to no-other, but Mr. Albert Van der Waag!

25.             According to this  “Deed”,   Mr. Hendrich A. Sefarina “sold” to Mr. A.Van der Waag Unit  #2 and Unit # 3  for USD 275 000.00!  This  “Deed”  do not specify if Mr. A. Van der Waag   “purchased”  Unit # 2  for USD 1 (one US Dollar)  and Unit #3 for 274 999.00  or “the other way around”, but “who cares”? According to the arrogant “White-Collar criminal” Mr. Clemens Roos: –   Mr.Albert Van der Waag purchased each Unit (#2 and#3) for USD 275 000.00, or in total USD 550 000.00(five hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars)! Please compare the “Deed’ and the Cadastral Extracts! It does appear that the criminals in question are “in love” with the amount USD 550 000.00! Units #1,#4,#5,#6 and#7 were “purchased” from the one and only Mr. A.Van der Waag  not ones,  but twice( see here and here) forUSD 550 000.00!

26.                Should be noted the fact that the arrogance of the criminals in question is limitless. According to this“Deed”, “the Wannabe a player”/ Mr. Hendrich A. Sefarina and the others impudent criminals  – Notary M.Mingo and the Director of the Cadaster/Mr.Clemens Roos once again forgot about “ the Court Case EJ 20/2012 and the Appeal Court Cases- EJ 20/2012-H-61/2012 and EJ 21/2012-H-62/2012”  (see here , hereand here ) and “sold” the remaining two units  to the one and only Mr. A. Van der Waag  I quote:

1.      Mister Hendrich Arthur Seferina……by these presents acting in his capacity as a Trustee (approved by a Courtorder of the Judge in First Instance of Sint Maarten, dated Feb.27.2012. Case number EJ 21/2012)….etc.


27.             For the Applicants it is not clear, are those people mentally ill???

28.        Please find more details and legal interpretationhere!



29.           The Applicants believe that, after examination of the facts above(and their legal interpretation) every reasonable person will consider that under the supervision of the President and the Vice-President of the Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie (Mrs.L.Hoefdraad and Mr. R.W.J.van Veen), this Court has become a “factory” for blackmailextortionkidnappingmoney launderingmortgage fraudstax evasionrobberies and forgeries!

30.        The Court of First Instance Sint Maarten has become a “harbor” for any types of criminals and profitable “money-making machine” via extortion and blackmail. The legalization of any type of criminal activities has become a common practice.

31.        The real question is: Why the de Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie,  Procureur-Generaal bij de Hoge Raad der Nederlanden and the College van procureurs-generaal are “turning blind eye and deaf ear” to the insolent criminal(s) dressed in a black robe(s)?

32.        This greedy impudent criminal(s)  are still “Civil Servants” and/or part of the Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten en van Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba.

33.         Who has given the right and the power to these despicable persons (mentioned above) to destroy people’s lives, just to enrich themselves illegally?

34.         For how long the competent authorities will continue to insult the Dutch Judiciary and themselves by ignoring the facts?

35.        As mentioned before, it may take years, but the forged documents will be annulled, the truth will prevail, the criminals (mentioned above) will be punished and the Justice will be served! “On the other hand” the “stain” on the Dutch Judiciary and on the Kingdom of the Netherlands will remain forever!

36.         The Applicants will submit dozens more (if not hundreds more) irrefutable evidences, undoubtedly proving the statements above.

37.           Should be noted the fact that, the fearless and insolent “lieutenant/right hand” (of the criminal –Mr.R.W.J. van Veen)- the “manager and/or de griffer” of the Court of First Instance- Mrs. Maritsa James-Cristina will continue to be part of the Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten en van Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba for indefinite period of time.


38.        The Applicants are submitting that all and above is a mockery with the Dutch Judiciary and that is one unacceptable fact! All this is happening in 21 Century within the Jurisdiction of the Kingdom of the Netherlands! It is unbelievable, but fact.

The Applicants hereby are declaring that, to the best of our knowledge and belief, the information we have given in the present Open Letter is correct.

Respectfully: Y.Busarov.(Second Applicant).

On behalf of Evmolia PF(First Applicant).
Sint Maarten.



William Marlin announced on the radio yesterday, that he would be taking a seat in Parliament. The question was………. who’s seat? The answer evidently is Rodolf Samuel of the National Alliance, former President of Parliament under the DP/NA/IND coalition government