New application deadline on May 6th

The Minister of Finance announced today that the application deadline for Business Payroll Support would be extended. The new application deadline is May 6, 2020 midnight. This is a final extension for the first month of Business Payroll Support.

The Sint Maarten Stimulus Support Relief Plan (SSRP) team has decided on this final deadline extension in order to grant companies the additional time to gather the required documents to apply for the first month of Business Payroll Support. The final deadline extension also takes into consideration the review and payment process that needs to take place. At present, payments are scheduled to take place the week of May 11th. Applications will be reviewed and confirmed based on a ‘first in, first out’ order. Companies that were first to apply will be reviewed first. Approved applications will be paid out in the same order.

A reminder to companies who may not have initially qualified for Business Payroll Support based on the exempt list, you may still qualify for the Lockdown Payroll Support Plan. The deadline to apply for Lockdown Payroll Support is May 22, 2020. To verify if your company qualifies, visit and go to Lockdown Payroll Support.

Payroll Support Plan is available to qualifying companies for a maximum of 3 months. For each month, the company must submit an application requesting Payroll Support. An overview of payroll support plan options, deadlines and requirements can be found on

No new permits for large gatherings of more than 100

Authorities will not be issuing any new permits for social gatherings of more than 100 persons in the country. Permits which have already been issued relating to gatherings of more than 100 persons will be postponed until further notice, Chairperson of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Prime Minister Silveira Jacobs said in a national address on Saturday.

Government also strongly recommends that persons in a public setting should keep a distance of at least one meter from each other under certain settings. All institutions, businesses, organisations, religious services and other entities should adhere to these recommended advices in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, she stressed.    

  She made clear that while St. Maarten has zero confirmed cases, these are all measures aimed at maintaining a COVID-19 status. “I pray that we would take our fellow man/woman into consideration while going about our daily activities, and with the knowledge that we are ensuring your safety, refrain from panic buying and fear mongering. Continue to practice proper hygiene at home, at work and in the community,” she said.

  “Knowledge is power! Stay informed and be prepared. We are strong, resilient and faithful people and trust that this too shall pass.”

Parliament requests reports on Pointe Blanche prison

The reviews are being requested by the Second Chamber’s Permanent Committee for Kingdom Relations on the initiative of Member of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament Chris van Dam of the Christian Democratic Party CDA. The overviews are in anticipation of a debate about law enforcement on March 24.

  The committee took the decision on Friday and on that same day sent a letter to Knops requesting that he submit an overview with the advices

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