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Government committed to the continuity of the Airport Terminal Reconstruction Project 14 Apr 2021

The Government of Sint Maarten remains committed to the continuity of the Airport Terminal Reconstruction Project. The internal changes within the Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company’s management staff (PJIAE NV) have no bearing on this commitment. This means that the project will continue according to the current financing agreement in place.

St Vincent residents who have not had their Covid Vaccine BANNED from being evacuated onto cruise ships. One Dead. Structures Under Ashes

St Vincent residents not covid19 vaccinated BANNED from being evacuated onto cruise ships after three volcanic eruptions on the Caribbean island, PM announces  Another major eruption a few minutes ago. The picture below is from what suppose to be the safe zone. Imagine Zones closer to the Volcano. SVG is now completed covers in Ash. We will need help.
This is Roxell John from St. Vincent

Minister of Justice meets with mental health entities to unify efforts in addressing mental health issues on Sint Maarten

On Tuesday, April 6th, 2021, representatives of various entities responsible for the treatment & care of persons with mental health concerns on the island met at the request of the Minister of Justice, Ms. Anna E. Richardson. The meeting was requested by the Hon. Minister as an urgency due to an evident rise of mental health reports and sightings on the island. In attendance were; Clinical Psychologist; Dr. Judith Arndell,

UPDATE: PJIA Airport Finally Fires CEO Brian Mingo, After Asking Him To Resign In December

Mingo FIRED PJIA The letter states that Mingo has been employed by PJIAE for the past two years since the agreement between Mingo and PJIAE was signed on November 30th 2019 with a start date of January 7th, 2019.

“During the almost two years of your engagement, as well as several meetings with the shareholder Princess Juliana International Airport Houdstermaatschappij NV (PJIAH),

Driver injured after an altercation with a client. Dutch Sint Maarten

Personnel from the detectives’ department is busy investigating a stabbing that took place on the evening of April 2, 2021, around 05.30 pm in the vicinity of the casino on Welfare Road. According to the preliminary investigation, it appears that the victim made an arrangement with a man to take him to the casino on the island. An argument arose between the victim and the suspect in connection with the payment that ended in a scuffle.
During the scuffle, the victim sustained a cut in the face with a knife that the s

Knops 4: “Sometimes you have to maneuver around something to get to the target… With Sint Maarten, that was just much more complicated.”

State Secretary Knops:
I do not think it helps in the relationship between two countries the charges just mentioned, namely elements such as doubting the intentions and placing things in the perspective of postcolonial et cetera. That makes it all complicated. Sometimes you have to maneuver around something to get to the target. In a relationship in which there are only two countries in the Kingdom, one of which has a problem as a result of a natural disaster, you hope to be able to organize it differently.

Knops 3: With The Airport, There Was A Lack Of ‘Political Will’, At The Dump And Vromi, A Lack Knowledge, Expertise & Execution Powers

But we saw, for example, at the airport that there was a lack of political will; Let me put it this way. With the dump, it is also an issue that the knowledge and expertise are hardly available and that there was no follow-up. The ministries responsible, the Ministry of VROMI in this case, did not have sufficient execution power to be able to do so themselves. So you can have a very capable World Bank with all the technical expertise, but if on the other side of the partnership one is insufficiently receptive or does not have enough knowledge to be able to respond to it, then it does not work. That balance has to be sought. We may have thought too easily

Knops 2: The Netherlands Has No Intentions Of Taking Over The $72 Million Grant Loan St Maarten Has With The World Bank

arrangements that had to be concluded, for example an establishment agreement that the government of Sint Maarten had to conclude, so that the World Bank can legally work well on Sint Maarten. That’s taken way too long. Covid got over it, so people weren’t allowed to fly in and out. That made it complicated, too. B

Knops 1: €352 MILLION Deposited In Trust Fund, 9 Projects Underway. 2 Being Prepared Worth $419 Million. 2000+ Participants Income Support/Training. 1300+ Roofs Repaired

We have currently deposited €352m into the trust fund. Nine projects are in progress and two are in preparation, worth $419 million. We have successfully completed an income support and training project with 2,000 participants, who are therefore more employable in the labour market. More than 1,300 roofs have been repaired. More than 100 shipwrecks in the Simpson Bay Lagoon have been cleared. The new building of the hospital has started. The tender for the reconstruction of the airport is currently underway. The tenders have just been received and are currently being assessed.

UPDATED Knops Answers English, FULL Policy Debate On Kingdom Relations. Minister Raymond Knops Questions Answered: Sint Maarten, Aruba & Curaçao

But we all have a good heart for the people of those islands. And such a good heart that Mr van der Burg even says: we want to get involved so badly, because it has to go well for that population. And then you come to the question: we would like to get involved, but how does that relate to the Statute for the Kingdom of the Netherlands? Article 41 states that the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten independently represent their own affairs. That is a basic principle, which we cannot ignore unless we are going to amend the Statute. Mr Recourt has already said that perhaps the Statute is not entirely contemporary.
In the letter from the State Secretary to the State Council of Ministers, I read about the interventions involved. For example, I read: “Labour markets need to be reformed to give opportunities to the large and growing group of outsiders in the labour market.” 

Minister Of Interior, Raymond Knops Under Fire: Dutch Parliament Debating Minister Knops For The Next Six Hours And Ask Questions About Sint Maarten, Aruba, And Curacao Latest Update

The Senate wants to use the discussion of the budget for Kingdom Relations to exchange ideas more deeply with Knops now that the end of his term of office is approaching. The following senators will speak: Paul Rosenmöller (GroenLinks), Arda Gerkens (SP), Toine Beukering (Nanninga Group, ex-Forum for Democracy), Jeroen Recourt (PvdA), Boris Dittrich (D66), Ria Oomen (CDA) , Annemarie Jorritsma (VVD), Peter Schalk (SGP), Peter Nicolaï (Party for the Animals) and Ton Raven (Independent States faction). The debate can be followed on Tuesday from 1.55 p.m. (Dutch time) Some of this info gleened from 

MPs Silvio Matser, Frans Richardson, Theodore Heyliger and Claudius Buncamper Court Cases In Danger Due To New Covid-19 Ban. Judges Have To Be Flown In

These include hearings against former MPs Silvio Matser, Frans Richardson, Theodore Heyliger and Claudius Buncamper. Judges from Curaçao would have to be flown in for that, but that is no longer possible.

The Court now wants to see whether the cases can take place via a video link, but lawyers have protested against this. They wouldn’t work properly.

Photos And Details Someone Is Poisoning The Animals Around Westin, NOBODY Is Doing Anything About IT. Read…

I posted on Friday..I needed help. I found Dozens of babies scrambled into’s dead. .
Saturday morning when I tool video I found More Dead..and DYING !
Possible Poisoning..Turtles and iguanas are ok..ONLY chicken. .Chick’s and ducks
Nature foundation Cannot Help..they claim Private property
IT’S NOW CRISIS..I’m going back to westin in 10 minutes
There are dozens and dozens of chicks..(more than I can count)
scrambling in the bush by Westin looking for their Moms.
Their Moms are Dead.
Who can help catch the chicks ???
I am desperate for ideas a

Political system throws light on law & order in St Maarten. WENDELL MOORE, Exclusive Analysis

The dysfunctional enforcement of law and order is noticed when a visitor manage to enter the country and don’t seem to need any residence permit to live and work here. Without a work permit they would search for jobs in order to survive. These undocumented workers will find employment because employers will rather employ these undocumented persons and pay them what they want, while not paying SZV insurance and or pay as you earn taxes to government, which is a requirement by law. The Justice Ministry and immigration as well as the Labor Mini

UPDATED: VIDEO Curacao Now Has HIGHEST COVID-19 Infections Per Capita ON EARTH: Sint Maarten Closing Curacao, Aruba & Bonaire Border: Kuido Intensivo Korsou (Intensive Care Curacao)

VIDEO LATEST: Kuido Intensivo Korsou (Intensive Care Curacao) – Eksperensiando Covid-19 Curaçao Intensive Care Unit Covid Infections and deaths continue to rise. Three reported dead April first, two in the hospital, one in a nursing home. MP Diertens of the Tweede Kamer wants to send the S.S. Karel Doorman, a Dutch Military ship that may be converted to a quasi M.A.S.H. unit for Covid19 patients.

Before Andrew Dick Was In Jail & On The Streets, He Was Waiting Outside My Home. An Hour Before His Arrest, He Called Me. WHY?

1) The only person in St Maarten who might have embezzled more money than Andrew Dick, is his buddy, MP Rolando Brison. The person he was with, before his rampage, arrest and walking the streets.
2) You cannot continue to reward a person when they should be disciplined or punished.
3) Someone who is always allowed to get away with anything, will always be trying to outdo themselves.
4) I did not rejoice at anyone’s downfall, I treated Andrew Dick with more respect than he had ever given me.
5) H

St Maarten Will Run Out Of Money By May 2021, Said MP Wescot-Williams Today…May is LESS Than A Month Away!

St Maarten will be completely out of money by May According to MP and UDP leader Sarah Wescot-Williams. With less than a month to go, PM Silveria Jacobs, once again has bailed on St Maarten. I posted Finance Minister Ardwell Irion saying yesterday that liquidity was basically a done deal, but in Knops’ letter this morning he said Silly would not sign the implementation Without a liquidity guarantee. Knops will give NO money until Silveria clarifies her and Parliament’s stance on the Brison-Marten petition. Silveria bounced to the

Video MP Wescot-Williams Shades PM Jacobs & Questions Reason For Absense, Lambasts MPs Brison & Marten, Tells Them To Withdraw Petition

“Pull Back The Petition In A Nice And Polite Way” Video MP and DP Leader, Sarah Wescot-Williams feels something is very wrong at Gebe. She feels there is something wrong with the CEO, but seems to blame Prime Minister Jacobs for the confusion at the PJIA Airport. MP Wescot-Williams also places the blame of confusion about liquidity support, Because Silveria seems unable to be straight forward with anyone. MP Wescot-Williams blames MP Rolando Brison, Grisha Marten etc on the petition. She feels that they need to

TORONTO, April 1, 2021 /CNW/ – Today, Royal Bank (“RBC”) Received the Required Approvals from Local Governments & The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank for Sale of  Eastern Caribbean banking operations. Transaction closed today.

TORONTO, April 1, 2021 /CNW/ – Today, Royal Bank of Canada (TSX: RY) (NYSE: RY) (“RBC”) announced that it has received the required approvals from local governments and from the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank for the sale of its Eastern Caribbean banking operations. The transaction closes today.

Sint Maartener In Da House! Biography: Jorien Wuite

I want to tear down the walls that divide us”

I lived and worked on Sint Maarten for over twenty-two years. I have seen up close how Hurricane Irma forced society to its knees. But I also saw how people can get back on track, together with each other. How they show resilience under difficult circumstances. Also during the corona pandemic, the consequences of which are felt throughout the Kingdom. Let’s join forces and work together for a better Kingdom. 

UPDATED: Video SXM Parliament MP Claudius Buncamper Losing His Mind, Airport CFO & CEO Refused To Show. Buncamper Dared Them To Slap Him Like They Threatened. FULL VIDEO

Video Latest from Dutch SXM Parliament. According to corrupt and criminal MP Claudius Buncamper, The Airport Board, who Parliament was supposed to meet today, stood them up. The CEO and CFO sent a letter to Finance Minister Ardwell Irion. According to a furiousToontje, they won’t come because Parliament asks too many stupid, redundant questions, and because Parliament uses confidential to make them look bad. Toontje told them to come and and try to slap him, to see what happens. MP Toontje who is going back to PM isn’t there

Latest From The Netherlands Letter to Parliament on implementation agendas Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, 2nd quarter 2021

Letter to Parliament on implementation agendas Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, 2nd quarter 2021: State Secretary Knops will inform the House of Representatives about the implementation agendas with Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten for the 2nd quarter of 2021. The Senate has received the same letter.
In my letter of 26 March to your House in which I inform you about the
decision-making in the Reich Council of Ministers that day, I promised to inform yo

NO ROMANCE, WITHOUT THE FINANCE! According To Minister Knops This Morning, Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs Will Not Sign Implementation Agenda, Until Knops Guarantees Liquidity

NO ROMANCE, WITHOUT THE FINANCE: According to minister Knops, Sint Maarten Prime Minister, Silveria Jacobs won’t sign the implementation agenda until she is assured liquidity. Minister of Finance, Ardwell Irion in yesterday March 31st 2021 Council of Ministers Press Briefing, made it seem like the next tranche of liquidity support is a done deal.
However, it is obvious by the letter sent by Minister Knops, minutes ago, that there is no guarantee.

Video 5 Lyndon Brown Believes Minister Panneflek appearance is different since getting the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Video 5 Lyndon Brown Believes Minister Panneflek appearance is different since getting the COVID-19 Vaccine.
He Questions Minister Panneflek about differences between PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests
PCR takes longer and Antigen 15-20 minutes. One is a swab, one has to use a lab. Only when both give same results then results are allowed. Technology is improving

Video 4 Bibi Ho SMN News asks Minister York Frantically About GEBE Victimizing People And Vromi Contracts. Doran’s Response: Angry Contractors Complaining ‘Feel Entitled’

Bibi Ho of SMN News asks Minister York frantically about GEBE individuals being victimized. Doran Response: Government is also a shareholder, Supervisory board would deal with management to handle the matter. Send a letter to the people in charge. Today Minister York has a meeting at 11 am Today with GEBE in Parliament about Financing
Ombudsman clarification. Sense of entitlement from contractors who are complaining. Contractor controversy It’s their right to complain to umbudsman if they feel c

Video 3 Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion: SZV Debt Is Paramount, Hoping To Have Agreement Signed By Next Week

Video 3 Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion. It is paramount that the government solves the current financial situation with SZV, which has been going on for years and has been neglected for years. Debt rising every year. He brought a solution, will let public know in a few weeks once agreement is signed. Debt rising for years, he hopes

Video 2 Minister of Health Richard Panneflek: Starting Saturday NEW TRAVEL PROTOCOL For Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao Because of high Covid rate in the ABC Islands. ONLY Essential travel.

Starting this Saturday new Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao islands flight protocol, because of the high Covid rate in the ABC Islands. Also ONLY Essential travel. This behind this upcoming Saturday. If you did a PCR test 72 hours before travel, you must still do an antigen test no later than 24 hours prior to boarding, if you are coming from any A,B,C island. PCR must be done before boarding. The Minister also mentioned that Dutch Sint Maarten is using O

Sint Maarten and the Netherlands meet over liquidity support

Prime Minister Jacobs stated, “During the meeting, State Secretary Knops agreed that the Government of Sint Maarten has lived up to the agreements. As such, Sint Maarten is very disappointed that we aren’t able to move forward as per the agreements made based upon the feelings of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) with support from the Kingdom Council of Ministers (RM

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs travels abroad due to family reasons Sint Maarten

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs is travelling for unavoidable family related matters today, Tuesday, March 30, 2021. Deputy Prime Minister Egbert Doran will assume responsibility along with the Council of Ministers during her absence. Prime Minister Jacobs stated, “Though I find it difficult to leave at this time, as we are facing some challenges, there will be continuity of government and I trust in the Deputy Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers to be able to handle all necessary ongoing matters.” Prime Minister Jacobs will remain available virtually a

FULL Details Jacobs/Knops meeting amicable, but Parliament reassurance still needed. Knops and Rolando Brison communicated, still disagree about U.N. Petition.

Jacobs said that in a follow-up meeting held on Tuesday arranged by the Dutch Representation Office in St. Maarten, Chairperson of Parliament Rolando Brison joined the conversation and was able to convey the intentions of the petition submitted to the UN Rapporteur. “The State Secretary still expects to receive such in writing and if it satisfies him and his colleagues who have been mandated by the RMR to decide such, we can proceed.”

Update, BREAKING News: An Air France flight travelling from Paris to St. Maarten was diverted to St. Johns Tuesday. March 30, 2021 6:41 PM Report

An Air France flight travelling from Paris to St. Maarten was diverted to St. Johns Tuesday. March 30, 2021, 6:41 pm. According to the St. John’s Airport Authority, the flight travelling from Paris to St. Maarten, a Caribbean island part of the Netherlands, landed in St. John’s just before 4:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. The plane was carrying 120 passengers and 10 crew members.

Immigration & Border Protection Services (IBP) Issues Stern Warning to persons submitting fraudulent documents.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Immigration and Border Protection Services are hereby informing the public that we are working closely with the Prosecutors office to curb the act of submitting fraudulent documents with the intent to obtain residency permits.
Recently, an incident occurred whereby the spouse of an applicant requesting a residence permit submitted forged documents on behalf of her employer.
Article 24 of the National Ordinance of Admittance and Expulsions (LTU) states that anyone who deliberately provides incorrect (false/falsified) information for himself or for another person to obtain certain conditions attached thereto or to prevent the withdrawal of the authorizati

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