Christopher Emmanuel openly negotiated with other parties, then tried to play the sympathy card, claiming that they tried to bribe him. Looking into Christopher’s past, one will note that the only thing that has changed is the suits, and car.

Christopher Emmanuel is slower than a snakes belly, and slithers even further into the mud.

Christopher is a loud, lying, bragging, obnoxious fool who can’t stop yelling or exploding, which makes more people  demand for drug tests of their Parliamentarians.

Every Parliamentarian and Minister should be tested for drugs, because it’s obvious by the histrionics of some, they are either sociopaths or need deep cognitive therapy to change their terrible ways.

Christopher Emmanuel thrives on deception, but the only one who only fooled was Prince Herbert Martina- but Prince deserves it.

Christopher’s explosions are legendary in St Maarten, and even the National Alliance talks about it.

Out of control ‘wack-job’ as described by his own.

Christopher’s 15 minutes will be up soon.

na christopher emmanuel

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