Judith Regina Roumou born in Philipsburg St Maarten, 1975. Attended the Imelda Kindergarten, the Old Pondside and Sister Magda Elementary school.

Attended both Dutch (Milton Peters College) and English (St Maarten Academy) highschool. Attended Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois and took courses at Harris Stowe State University in St Louis Missouri.

Worked briefly as a teacher with Head Start, Upward Bound and the State of Missouri.

Began blogging and vlogging in 2007

Began videography in 2008

Started the Caribbean Online Network in 2009, and began photography in 2009

Over 700 online sites dedicated to St Maarten, The Caribbean and dance.

There are also dozens of sites and pages dedicated to the Cultures and community of St Maarten.

Between carnivals, and boat cruises Judith Roumou also covers St Maarten politics, the government along with the police and crime.

Judith Roumou has drawn criticism for her raw attacks on the policies of the government, and for tackling issues such as police abuse.

The St Maarten government is very unhappy with Judith Roumou, but so far has been unable to supress her freedom of speech.

Judith Roumou has been attacked and slandered by Hilbert Haar/Richard Gibson senior at the Today Paper as a political favor for the St Maarten Democratic Party.

She has also been attacked by legedary Guyanese slanderer Bibi Shaw Hodge, who’s websites numbers have dwindled since Judith Returned to her native country, and started revealing the true behind the scenes activities of the government, politicians and police.

Currently Judith Roumou has garnered over 50 million views through her vlogsites on Youtube

and over 15 million views on her various blogs and websites


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  1. It’s good that we have critical people reporting issues on anything and everything, especially about wrong doings of our servants the government. Yes, servants. The government role is to serve the people of the country.

    However, I’ve read a few “articles” of Judith Roumou. These articles are very incoherent, unstructured, unsubstantiated, incomplete, lacking facts and/or evidence. I’m not insinuating these articles might not be true, BUT WRITING IN CAPITALS LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING.
    I’ve never met Judith Roumou, but her “articles” seem to have been written by a mentally retarded person.
    Posting a picture of some minister or politician walking through a street with a title MURDERER does not seem to hold any confidence in correct news reporting. Nor does it hold any evidence.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending the government here. I’m all for exposing mishaps, misuse, abuse, corruption, bribing, self enrichment, money laundering and what not. Reporting news should be done in a proper way without slander. Government employees are NOT above the law, and anyone that is breaking the law should be exposed and charged in court, and punished accordingly. In my opinion, any person ever convicted for a crime and punished with more than one month jail sentence should never hold any position in the government.

    If it is not corruption, incompetence should be reported as well, and who is responsible for that. The biggest three incompetents of the current government (2019) are:
    1) reconstruction of social housing for the people. Nowhere have I read that even one Euro of the 550 million Euro that was donated to the people of St. Maarten, has been spent on reconstruction of social housing.
    2) Keeping the single most important item of our economy – Princess Juliana Airport – from financially collapsing. In fact, it was the Dutch government that recognized that fact and ordered money from the recovery fund to use for the airport recovery. The St. Maarten government has not raised a finger to fix things.
    3) Fixing the budget deficit. Since St. Maarten’s independence at 10-10-10, when the Dutch government paid off ALL deficit St. Maarten had, so that they have a clean start, the deficit has only increased again every year since 10-10-10. Incompetence and corruption are keywords here. We are talking about the people money – our money – that is wasted by a corrupt and/or incompetent government. Once in a while a minister comes with a “GREAT PLAN”. In most cases nothing happens, or money is wasted on “consultants” to do some report. The most recent “GREAT PLAN” was the Causeway bridge. Supposedly it would reduce traffic jams. . . All I see is that we now have traffic jams on both sides of Simpson Bay. The only people that have benefited from it are the French people. Their drive from the airport to Marigot has substantially been shortened and without paying one cent for it. They are the only ones that have benefited from the Causeway bridge.
    What is even more sad is that SLAC (the operational owner of the bridge) left the bridge to “rot”. Not even six months after official opening the beautiful lighting over the full length of the bridge started to fail. SLAC never undertook any action to fix this. Most likely due to incompetence.

    It is sad that the main news channel on St. Maarten is very backwards with exposing certain negative behavior from our governmental employees whether politicians or employees.
    This only leads to have corrupt politicians run for re election over and over again, running our country into the ground. Did I forget to mention incompetence and corruption in government owned companies?

    What was the biggest, greatest idea since hurricane Irma that came from the government so far?
    A $150,000 flagpole. And to have single use plastic bags banned. GREAT! Did the government lead any reconstruction? I hear silence… The $5,000 flagpole has been erected on the viewpoint along link 1, and somebody put $145,000 in his pocket.
    And are the single use plastic bags banned by now? I still see them EVERYWHERE.

    I call it corruption to use taxpayers money to erect a $5,000 flagpole only months after a devastating hurricane, sticking $145,000 in your own pocket and claim the flagpole costed $150,000. People have no roofs or no homes and some politicians are enriching them selves over the backs of homeless people. Shame on you!

    I call it incompetence if you come up with the most simple idea of banning single use plastic bags, and you cannot put that into action. Not to mention that single use plastic bags are just the tip of the iceberg regarding all single use plastic. What about plastic bottles? What about the plastic blister packaging? What about all that styrofoam in packaging? What about starting with waste separation into clear categories like plastic, glass, paper and cardboard, organic waste, chemical waste, metals and what not.
    Not only would you create jobs here, but selling glass, plastics, paper, metal and what not as a raw material would most likely pay for the whole separation process, it would also prevent the cost of cleaning the dump in our backyard from rising even further in the future. Instead of acting NOW, the government closes it’s eyes and is too busy to enrich them selves. There are solutions that would not cost the government a single penny, yet fixing the dump at the same time.

    I already hear some ministers saying; “These are unsubstantiated accusations.”. My reply would be: “Show me in detail what you have done to assist the people of this country and PUBLISH that in the news paper”.
    I don’t think you can. But if you proof me wrong, I will take my words back and I will publicly apologize.

    TS Garp


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