Progress Committee: Prospects Of Improving the Sint Maarten Police Force KPSM Very Low

The Hague – While the progress committee was optimistic about the Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM) at the end of 2019, the prospect of improvements is now very low. On the other hand, there seems to be more prospects for the prison system, because money is being made available in the Country Package for the construction of the Point Blanche prison.

Video: Why Would MP Rolando Brison Try To Help The Man With Dirt On Him? Dead Men Tell No Tales. The Demon that PM Jacobs Is Describing Is Named ‘ROLANDO’!

1) Prayers are private and should be genuine. You pray for the best for a person from your heart, not via social media.
2) You ever had someone treat you like trash, and people called them out on it? The next thing you know they are being too nice, so nice it makes you wonder what they are up to.
3) Don’t make me start calling out the hypocrites who were video sharing, now they’re on Facebook caring.
4) Talk all the sht you want about me, the videos posted public had already made the rounds privately.
5) When I get to blog I will post images.
6) I am not the one making a big, FAKE sh

Sint Maarten Added To New Itinerary Qatar Airways and JetBlue expand strategic partnership, increasing global connectivity

This expanded codeshare agreement follows recent developments of the strategic partnership with JetBlue throughout the winter season with the addition of Qatar Airways’ code on the U.S. carriers Caribbean flights enabling seamless journeys via JetBlue’s New York (JFK) & Boston (BOS) hubs to Aruba (AUA), Bermuda (BDA), Cayman Islands (GCM), Curacao (CUR), Grenada (GND), St Maarten (SXM), and Saint Lucia (UVF).

US Embassy Sending Royal Caribbean To Sint Maarten Saturday For Americans To Get Out Of St Vincent REVISED Natural Disaster Alert

for U.S. citizens who wish to depart St. Vincent on Friday, 16 April to Dutch Sint Maarten. Boarding on the Celebrity Reflection will begin at 7:00 A.M. and will depart Kingstown Port, St. Vincent at 1:00 P.M. The ship will arrive in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten on the morning of Saturday, 17 April at approximately 7:00 A.M. CDC recommends against travel on cruise ships because the chance of getting COVID-19 on cruise ships is higher

Government committed to the continuity of the Airport Terminal Reconstruction Project 14 Apr 2021

The Government of Sint Maarten remains committed to the continuity of the Airport Terminal Reconstruction Project. The internal changes within the Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company’s management staff (PJIAE NV) have no bearing on this commitment. This means that the project will continue according to the current financing agreement in place.

Videos Today: Dutch Meeting Kingdom Relations. Procedurevergadering Commissie Koninkrijksrelaties 14 April 2021 English Dutch

6. Agenda item: Answers to questions from the committee about Sint Maarten (including Parliamentary Paper 35420-203) Case: Letter from the government – Secretary of State for the Interior and Kingdom Relations, R.W. Knops – February 11, 2021 Answers to questions of the committee about Sint Maarten (including Parliamentary document 35420203) – 35420-224

Video: The Same People On Facebook Saying Nothing Is Wrong With Andrew Dick Are The Same Ones Supplying And Enabling Him

1) The same people now saying “pray for Andrew”, are the ones who started the bandwagon Rolling about Andrew Dick being addicted and beating his girlfriend, and destroying the house with a baseball bat.
2) I cannot be a hypocrite, so I just have to ve me.
3) The Videos are a wake up call, bit you know they are too los I.Q’d to get that.
4) There are DOZENS of Videos of Andrew… MUCH WORSE. But you have the same people feeding Andrew substances on Facebook saying that he is having a breakdown,

In St Maarten They Worship The Pedophiles That Prey On Their Kids, Make Them Victims, Blame The Child… And Attack The Whistleblowers

Not one of you pedo enabling hypocrites stopped up when Andrew Dick was molesting your daughters. SOME of you DEFENDED him, and blamed the 14 old girls. This man openly peddled children, and you want to criticize the blog as you stood up to defend a pedophile? I would not trust any of you around children, because Either you are just like him, a pedo… or you are like that Secretary who just got busted, an enab

St Maarten, Aruba & Curacao Politicians’ Won’t Have To Reduce Their Salaries Until June 2023

The ministers and members of Parliament cannot simply reverse the reduction on their salary that has been applied as a result of the liquidity support from the Netherlands.
The moment of expiry must in any case be after June 30, 2023, as stated in two Memorandum of Amendment (NvW) with the same purport to the National Ordinances on Financial Provision of Ministers and States. The NvW sets several conditions for the possible reversal of the salary discount.

St Maarten Politicians Have Finally Crossed The Line: Rolando And Grisha In Bed With The Turkish And Sicilian Mafia Photos

It is one thing to wholeheartedly disagree on the principle of whether a donor (the Netherlands) may attach conditions to the large-scale interest-free provision of liquidity support to an island (Sint Maarten) in need. Even arguing that the decolonization process has or has not been completed is possible – even if it is very late, after all, the Statute is already 66 years old and in 2010 Sint Maarten voluntarily agreed to the status of autonomous country within the Kingdom. But politics in Philipsburg, at least the majority, is going a step too far b

British Fugitives Alison Gracey And Christopher Jones, Wanted For Murder Who Fled After Being Allowed Bail By St Maarten Courts 10 Years Ago…BUSTED In Spain!

In June 2015 the two British citizens were arrested in the Dutch Caribbean island of St Maarten, but were released on bail by the authorities pending extradition. They fled the island and had last been reported in France in April 2017.

12 April 2021


Melissa Gumbs The Big Fat Lie


Nobody Prostitutes Like the St Maarten Government

Two Dutch Parliamentarians One Dirty Hooker

Prostitute Nardy Cramm Parliamentarians André Bosman and Ronald Van Raak

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