PHILIPSBURG Government of St. Maarten through the Ministry of VROMI will begin re-routing the Beacon Hill entrance in order to prevent the loss of life and or injuries due to jet blast. Minister Emmanuel said that the department found a possible solution which is close off the Beacon Hill entrance, and reroute the entrance to Beacon Hill and the businesses located in that area.

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Philipsburg :Following Fatal Airblast Accident, Sxm Airport to Re-Route Via Bada Bing Brothel St Maarten The St Maarten government has announced that it will be changing the route via The Sunset following […]

Repairs to parts of Great Bay Beach commences Monday Morning

Repairs to parts of Great Bay Beach commences Monday Morning

Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), announces that it will be carrying out repairs to parts of Great Bay Beach on Monday, July 17.

The repairs to the beach will start from Down Street up to Holland House Hotel, and will commence around 8.00am and continue up until 12.00pm.

An excavator will be used to repair parts of the beach, and therefore beach chair vendors as well as other users of the beach in the aforementioned area, are hereby requested to keep the beach free from any obstructions.

The repairs to the beach is being carried out as a result of heavy rainfall that eroded parts of the aforementioned within the past weeks.

Ministry VROMI apologises for any inconvenience that this may cause.

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