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St. Maarten has received COVID-19 Vaccine for distribution, Residents encouraged to register

The COVID-19 vaccines from the Netherlands arrived in St. Maarten on Friday, February 19, 2021, and was received by Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs. Accompanying the Prime Minister were Acting Minister of VSA, Ludmila de Weever, Special Envoy to the Dutch Caribbean for COVID-19 Vaccine, Dr. Marc Sprenger, and head of the Representation of the Netherlands in Sint Maarten, Chris Johnson. In the first shipment, St. Maarten has received a little over 8000 vaccines to start with. The v

Summary of the epidemiological situation COVID-19 on theCAS-BES islands, week 7Compiled by the National Institute for Public Health.

200 on Aruba, 63 on Sint Maarten, 39 on Curaçao, 10 on Bonaire, 0 on St. Eustatius and 0 on Saba. Curaçao counted 0 to 8 positive tests per day last week. The number of active infections is still the same as last week, when 59 active infections were also reported on the island. A total of 4,652 COVID-19 infections have been reported up to February 15. One patient is admitted to the nursing ward and one to the ICU. The incidence increased to 21 reports per 100,000 subjects last week, compared to 16 / 100,000 at week 5. Surveillance of circulation of SARS-COV-2
variants so far shows one case of the VOC 1.1.7 (British) variant in Curaçao. In Aruba, the number


In order to arrange other banking matters, residents now have to take a plane to arrange matters on St. Maarten that are not possible on Saba itself. Something that is challenging and above all expensive in normal times; but almost impossible in Corona time. The island still has one ATM, for which it has to bear the costs itself since the WIB closed its doors. The machine does not work more often than it does. Letter The BC has sent a letter to Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra, to once again draw attention to the problem when it comes to banking services on the island, or rather: the lack thereof. Hoekstra said last year, in response to similar complaints, that the services on St. Eustatius and Saba in particular were now somewhat better t

CEO TELEM Kendall Dupersoy Retracts Original Cost Cutting Measures Proposal, And Resubmits the Proposal. NEW VERSION

Since the draft legislation is not clear on how the reductions can or should be applied, we have requested both the Government and the CFT (College Financieel Toezicht) in writing to provide clarity. We have not received a response from CFT and the response from the Government does not give us the required comfort. Considering the existing uncertainties, we suggested to you on numerous occasions to wait with introducing the cost cutting measures so that any and all uncertainties can first be clarified. You have indicated that your members do not want to wait and insist that we continue with making all bonus related payments despite not knowing the impact of this decision to em

Chapter 4 Explanation & Conclusion Chapters 1 – 20: Dutch St Maarten, Aruba, Curacao CEDE Border Control To The Netherlands As Part Of Liquidity Support

This applies to Sint Maarten, due to the turnaround time
of the current mutual arrangement for strengthening border control on Sint Maarten, the action plan
set before 1 September 2021. Subsequently, these plans of action will be taken every three
year to be evaluated, renewed and re-established.
The action plan will provide a clear picture of the objectives, further forms and
modalities for the implementation of border control, responsibilities and measures per
service, by country. When drawing up the action plan, proposals for improvement of the
baseline trajectory are taken into account. This action plan will be drawn up by the
working group as referred to in Article 16 of the Protocol. It will also be included in the action plan
describes how adjustments can be made during the implementat

Chapter 3 Articles 13-20: Netherlands & Dutch Caribbean New Border Agreement. Action Plan, Progress Committee Collaboration

Each progress committee consists of representatives of each of the participating, with
the border control responsible for implementing organizations and the relevant ministries of both the
concerning Caribbean country as of the Netherlands.
3. The progress committee advises the ministers concerned of the country concerned and
The Netherlands on the progress and implementation of the agreements made in the plans of
4. The progress committee meets at least twice a year and bids annually
January an interim or final report to the ministers concerned.
5. The members of the progress committee are appointed by the minister concerned,
suspended and fired. Th

Chapter 2 Article 2 – 12 Purpose: Dutch European KMar, Marechausse And Customs To Take Over Control Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard

KMar and Customs Netherlands. In the action plan article 13 paragraph 1 the objective and
the manner in which the operational deployment of KMar and Customs is managed in the Netherlands
agreed upon in consultation with the countries. The management, policy and authority of the
The Caribbean Coast Guard takes place in accordance with the Coast Guard Act.
Article 6
1. Responsibility for legal status for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee rests with the

COURT TRANSCRIPTS: Claudius Buncamper & Marietje BUNCAMPER CREATED A FAKE Company To Defraud. Rather Than Prison, They Got Parliament.

The couple founded the (fake) company Eco Green in December 2008. The criminal offenses of which both are suspected are related to the lease of a piece of land in Sint Maarten by that company to Sint Maarten Building Supplies (SBS) and the financial construction they have set up together with a notary. Part of the financial construction were the establishment of

Ansary Blew $2 Million Of Ennia’s Money Funding Donald Trump’s 2016 Inauguration & MILLIONS MORE on Other American Republican Political Campaigns.

All the while, the complaint alleges, Ansary used private jets, paid for with ENNIA funds, for personal use and spread money, also originating from ENNIA, to “American political institutions and charitable organizations.” This allegedly included:

$800,000 in 2011-2013 to the Points of Light Institute, a nonprofit founded by former President George H.W. Bush.

$550,000 that went between 2010 and 2013 to Rice University’s James Baker Institute, a public policy research center based in Houston.

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