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Knops 13: $5 – $10 Million For Fort Oranje Cliff Erosion Statia. Why No Townhalls? How Do The Dutch Expect To Reach Statians? Invasive Goats

Townhall meetings are one way. From my political experience, I know that when I went to a night of politics, for example about paid parking, it was always a one-way street. You could have yelled that you were against it. People just didn’t go anymore at some point. So has there been a real conversation? Would the Secretary of State like to look into that?
State Secretary Knops:
Sure. I had hoped that the efforts we have made among the people there would have led to a more positive picture. I cannot say that it is not now, but I do notice that those elected to the Island Council are very critical of what is going on. I sometime

Knops 13: Van Rij Asked To Be Dismissed, With His Departure, Alida Francis Will Take His Position Temporarily

On the basis of the Özütok motion, a table is currently being created to look at what intermediate results we can move towards next phases, the following milestones. In the progress report that will be sent to your Chamber in May, we will discuss this in more detail and reflect the latest state of affairs.
Then there is mr van Rij’s departure. Mr Van Rij has asked me to dismiss him because of the appeal that has been made against

Knops 12: $8 Million For BESt For Kids Program Caribbean Netherlands

BES(t) 4 kids, I can give you an answer to that, because that is indeed a program that the ministries of SZW, OCW and VWS, and BZK, have picked up, together with UNICEF. That’s just a really nice program, I guess. Very concretely on the ground ensure demonstrable results. But one part of that is childcare. Very important, of course, to facilitate this well, in order to give children a flying start and equal opportunities, at a very young age. For this purpose, 8 million were also made available under the Caribbean Netherlands Envelope region.

Knops 11: £5 Million Added To BES Provisions, With Regarding Baseline Measurement: Was Baseline Measurement Done At That Time?

Moreover, on the basis of this coalition agreement in the field of infrastructure, 5 million has been structurally added to the provision for the BES.  But for Bonaire, for example, there was money, but those resources were not used. So the public body had set aside money for infrastructure projects, but they never came to a conclusion, or the maintenance was never done. Then you have a problem, too. So it’s not always just a matter of money. It is often a bit more complicated, but I have just said in the first part of the answer that I see that it is very difficult financially when it comes to the question: can the BES Islands do what they have to do on the basis of the task?

Knops 9: Can Knops Call What The Dutch Did In Statia, A Democracy?

That board doesn’t deliver and even performs so poorly that you have to intervene. That has been unanimously supported here and across the street. Then there is an interim situation for two years, in which the Netherlands does everything and everything. Then there are elections and then the same administration comes back. Can you suffice to say that that is democracy? Is that all? That is certainly democracy, of course, but should you not also think about what we have actually achieved? Because it’s also about doing it with the people, isn’t it? Those are your words, too, and they’ve been taken from my heart.
State Secretary Knops:
That’s definitely democr

Statia loses case against Dutch state: ‘this is only the first round’

Saint Martin’s constitutional lawyer Denicio Brison represents the group of Statian politicians. “This is only the first round of at least fifteen rounds,” says Brison about the verdict. “We are naturally going for a second round,” says the constitutional lawyer. “Eventually, Statia will win.” The politicians will have to take the matter up again.

The group of dismissed politicians, including Clyd

Start of campaign “Surrender and disarm”

Reducing illegal possession of (fire) arms is in the interest of everyone, in order to achieve this, in the period of October 21 to October 27 on Saba and Statia and October 28 to November 3 on Bonaire, there will be a turn-in campaign of (fire) weapons. The aim of the “Surrender and disarm” project is to remove as many fire and other weapons as possible from the streets and to emphasize the awareness of the danger of these weapons.

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